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Saint Louis Directory. 109
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C. M.Ligget’s,
Writing Academy ,
Corner of Fourth and Chesnut Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

This Institution imparts instruction upon principles entirely
peculiar to itself. While the pupil obtains a free, bold, and
legible hand, (as can be shown by 200 specimens of citizens
known in this place), be receives a free and natural use of his
arm, wrist and fingers. Thus, while it retains all that is useful
in other systems, it secures to the pupil a Practical,
Beautiful, Regular System Of Penman-
ship, as the result of motion and symmetrical form, instead
of exclusive muscular motion. The old plan remains, propor-
tionate to the impression made on the mind, (hence so many
scrawlers and scribblers), while this remains commensurate
with the natural use of those members of the body designed by
Nature to be exercised in Penmanship.

All The Fancy Hands,
German And Old English Texas,
And Flourishing,
Taught On The Most Reasonable Terms.

Plain And Ornamental
Visiting & Cotillion Stylographic Cards,
Executed At The Shortest Notice, In A Style Equal
To The Most Splendid Engraving.

Instruction given on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and
Friday Evenings, from 7 to 9 o’clock.

N. B. Private Instruction given to Ladies as their Residences.

Double-Entry Bookkeeping,
Commercial Calculations,
Taught, Without Text-Book Or Lecture.

The pupil being taken through the operations of the counting-
house, finds no difficulty in taking charge of the most complicated

[missing figure]
Reference given to those who never made a journal entry
until they came to this School, who are now in charge of some
of the most important books in the city.

By Jona.Jones, ,
Demonstrator of Accounts .