Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 121 MAR-MAT
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Marthens, H C, M.D., 46 nnorth Second
Dr. H. C.Marthens, ,
46 North Second,
Between Chesnut and Pine Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.
Martin, T F, clerk , 68 Chesnut
Martin, Meredith, M.D., 42 nnorth Second
Martin, Jacob, sssouth side Locust wwest of Fourth
Martin, John T, clothier , 118 nnorth First
Martin, Edwin M, eseast side Seventh nnorth of Green
Martin, Mary, widow , 153 Green
Martin, John, bricklayer , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Franklin-avenue
Martin, Charles, clerk at John T Martin’s
Martin, Elija, M.D., dwelling eseast side Fifth ssouth of Almond
Martin, Archibald, teamster , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Gratiot
Martial, Augustin, tailor , sssouth side Mulberry eeast of First
Masear, Charles, tobacconist , wswest side Third nnorth of Pine
Mashler, Valentine, butcher , wswest side Twelfth ssouth of Biddle
Mason, E R, (Taylor & M. ) 96 nnorth First
Mason, Lewis, grocer , eseast side Twelfth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Mason, Robert, coffee-house , eseast side Third ssouth of Morgan
Mason, William B, carpenter , nsnorth side Mulberry eeast of Fourth
Massalski, Joseph, auctioneer , nsnorth side Fourth
Massar, W J N, commission merchant , 80 nnorth Front
Massie, David, measurer , nsnorth side Walnut wwest of Eighth
Massob, Florina, widow , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Rutger
Massot, Joseph, eseast side Fourth nnorth of Mulberry
Mastall, Barnard, miller , wswest side Second ssouth of Plum
Masure, & Fourgeaud, , M.D., 30 Pine
Masure, P A, (M. & F. ) eseast side Fourth nnorth of Cedar
Mast, Conrad, laborer , wswest side Ninth nnorth of Carr
Mast, C, cabinet-maker , nenorth east corner Fifth and Convent
Matlacks & Plant, Franklin steam-mill , nsnorth side Franklin-av.avenue eeast of Sixth
Matlack, G, (M. & P. ) 198 Washington-avenue
Matlack, E, (M. & P. ) carpenter , se cor Ninth and Washington-av
Matlack & Rogers , whwholesale hosiery, glove, and trimmings , 134 nnorth First
Matlack, D, (M. & R. ) boards at Missouri-hotel
Matlack, William L, plasterer , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Carr
Matthews, George, carpenter , eseast side Centre ssouth of Market
Matthews, John S, shoemaker , 31 Market
Matthews, M B, circulating library , 97 nnorth Fourth
Matthews, William, riverman , 149 Green
Matthews, Richard, carter , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Carr