Green's St. Louis directory :
122 Saint Louis Directory. MAT-MEI
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Matthews, Alexander, teamster , we Seventh nnorth of Biddle
Matthews, A J, builder , sssouth side Plum wwest of First
Matthews, Stewart, carpenter , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Park-avenue
Matz, Daniel, beer-house , 23 Locust
Maully, William, riverman , wswest side Fourth nnorth of Green
Mauro, P, principal Female Academy , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Market
Mauntel, Frederick, drayman , Front nnorth of Myrtle
Mause, John, stone-cutter , boards at William Jones’
Mauzey, William, carpenter , wswest side Eleventh ssouth of Wash
Mawdsley, Richard, cork-manufacturer , wswest side Third nnorth of Rutger
Maxfield, Andrew H, Excelsior coffee-house , 69 First
Maxwell, James G, confectioner , 83 nnorth Fourth
Jas. G.Maxwell, ,
Wholesale and Retail Confectioner ,
No. 83 Fourth Street,
Keeps Constantly on Hand
A general and fresh assortment of Candies, &c., to which he solicits the
attention of Merchants, Steamboat Barkeepers, and others.
Maxwell, William, confectioner , 176 nnorth Third
Maxwell, H, baker and confectioner , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Walnut
Maxwell, Samuel, plasterer , eseast side Fourth ssouth of Cedar
Mayhew, William, riverman , nenorth east corner First and Smith
Mays, Henry, hatter , sssouth side Washington-avenue wwest of Tenth
Meachem, J B, [c.colored person ] cooper , wswest side Second nnorth of Vine
Machem, Clemson, cooper , wswest side Second nnorth of Vine
Mead, T W, (Higgins & M. ) printer , nenorth east corcorner Second and Locust
Mead, E, jeweller , 52 nnorth First — dw,dwelling wswest side Seventh ssouth of Walnut
Mead, Caroline, sssouth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Fourth
Mead, George, confectioner , eseast side Broadway opposite Franklin-av.avenue
Mealy, William, M.D., sssouth side Green wwest of Third
Mealy, Charles, drayman , sssouth side Myrtle eeast of Seventh
Mechanics’ Institute , wswest side Third ssouth of Chesnut
Meding, Leonard, shoemaker , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Morgan
Meech, S W, book and stationery store , 8 nnorth First
Meier Adolphus & co. , hardware merchants , 25 nnorth First, cor
First and Chesnut
Meier, Adulphus, (A M & co. ) — dwelling , Bellefontaine road
Meier, Herman, clerk , 25 nnorth First
Meier, Xavier, shoemaker , 26 Olive