Green's St. Louis directory :
132 Saint Louis Directory. NOR-OBE
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Norton, Thomas, drayman , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Norton, Patrick, carpenter , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Noerr, John, grocer , sesouth east corner Eleventh and Carr
Noel, Barnett, engineer , nsnorth side Spruce wwest of First
Necker, B, tailor , 65 Market
Nolte C & Clement , Broadway-house , eseast side Broadway ssouth of Biddle
Nolte, Charles (C & C N. ) Broadway-house
Nolte, Clement (C & C N. ) Broadway-house
Notman, Francis, tailor , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Carr
Norton, Christopher, engineer , nwnorthwest corner Seventh and Biddle
Nolle, Henry, smoke-pipe maker , wswest side Seventh nnorth of Biddle
North Market coffee-house , wswest side Third nnorth of Morgan
Noonan, Thomas, wholesale grocer , 94 Green
Noonan and Masterson , importers and dealers in china and
glassware , 168 nnorth First
Noltman, Henry, boiler-makers , wswest side Sixth ssouth of Wash, on alley
Norre, William, stone-cutter , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Wash
North, William, merchant , 1 nnorth First
Noecker, Benjamin, tailor , 65 Market
Norris, Richard, laborer , eseast side Tenth nnorth of Market
Noseda, C, beer-house , 45 Chesnut
Norton, Thomas, laborer , nsnorth side Market wwest of Third, on alley
Nourse, Samuel, hatter , 70 Market
Norris, N, 176 nnorth Fourth
Norris Charles & co. , hardware merchants , 97 nnorth First — dw,
es Broadway nnorth of Biddle
Norris, James E, wswest side Fourth nnorth of Olive
Nordhood, Bernard, coffee-house , 104 nnorth Front
Norborn, Thomas, laborer , nsnorth side Green eeast of Sixth
Noble, James, shoemaker , nsnorth side Hazel wwest of Second
Novay, Peter, trader , nenorth east corner Ninth and Madison
Noyes, John T, nsnorth side Hickory wwest of Seventh
Nugent, James, carpenter , boards at Mrs. McGoa’s
Nugent, Patrick, laborer , wswest side Market eeast of Ninth
Null, John, mechanic , nsnorth side Biddle wwest of Seventh
Nuss, Frederick, nsnorth side Convent wwest of Fifth
Nutt, John, laborer , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Second, upstairs
Nutze, Adam, laborer , nsnorth side Convent wwest of Second
Oakes, William, carpenter , sesouth east corner Third and Poplar
Oakley, L, (Stiles & O. ) 211 nnorth Front
Oakley, Louisa, widow , sssouth side Spruce wwest of Second
Oaker, Talbot, pedlar , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Oates, Richard P, shoemaker , wswest side Fifth nnorth of Green
Oatly, Isaac, laborer , wswest side Ninth ssouth of Wash
Obel, Wolfgang, wood-sawyer , sssouth side Carr eeast of Eleventh
Obert, Frs, grocer , nwnorthwest corner Seventh and Washington-av.avenue