Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 137 PAR-PEA
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Parker, Thomas M, pilot , sssouth side Carr eeast of Ninth
Parker, Aron, [c.colored person ] eseast side Collins nnorth of Cherry
Parkhurst, David, cabinet-maker , wswest side Ninth ssouth of Market
Parkinson, Dryden, riverman , sssouth side Plum wwest of Second
Parkinson, Josephus, tailor , nsnorth side Market wwest of Ninth
Parkman, Charles B, (Aldrech & P. ), 57 nnorth Front
Parks & Perry , eating-house , wswest side Broadway nnorth of Morgan
Parks, James, sawyer , nenorth east corner Ninth and Chambers
Parks, Robert, carpenter , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Spruce
Parks, Robert A, carpenter , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Almond
Parmele, Ambrose, eseast side First ssouth of Myrtle
Parmly, Ralph, sssouth side Myrtle wwest of First
Parquot, Elizabeth, 106 Market
Parry, John, bricklayer , sssouth side Pine wwest of Eighth
Parsons, Samuel, pork-curer , nsnorth side Market wwest of Twelfth
Parsons & Moult , wholesale dry-goods merchants , 69 nnorth First
Parsons, H F, (P. & M. ), sssouth side Olive wwest of Eighth
Parsons, Samuel L, clerk , 129 nnorth First
Paschall, N, clerk Court Com. Pleas , dw,dwelling wswest side Fifth nnorth of Cerre
Passmore, N, laborer , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Franklin-av, on vally
Pasquier, Elomise, widow , 121 Olive
Paton, Charles, engineer , eseast side Tenth nnorth of Green
Patchell, James, drayman , swsouth west corner Seventh and Biddle
Pattison, Ephraim, mason , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Biddle
Patchen, L W, 14 Pine
Patterson, A, saddler , 39 nnorth First
Patterson, Nathaniel, wswest side Fourth nnorth of Pine
PattersonWilliam , H, nwnorthwest corner Seventh and Olive
Patterson, John, millwright , eseast side Twelfth ssouth of Wash
Patterson, Nelson, carpenter , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Morgan
Patten, E B, bookkeeper , 14 nnorth Front
Patton, H M, ladies’ seminary , nwnorthwest corner Fourth and Olive
Patton, Nicholas, carpenter , 156 Green
Patton, Moses, wheelwright , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Ninth
Patzman, P F, shoemaker , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Eighth
Paul, Rene, nsnorth side Walnut wwest of First
Paul, House, nenorth east corner Seconcd and Walnut
Paul, Edward W, nsnorth side Chouteau-avenue
Paulding, J W, constable , dw es Fourth ssouth of Cedar, on alley
Payton, —, engineer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Green
Peabody A & co. , grocers , 6 nnorth Front
Peabody, A, (P. & co. ), 6 nnorth Front
Peaper, Englehart, tailor , wswest side Third nnorth of Rutger
Peake, Sameul H, (Abbot & P. ), nwnorthwest corner Fifth and Locust