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138 Saint Louis Directory. PEA-PEN
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Pearce, David, wholesale dealer in hats and caps , 122 nnorth First
DavidPearce, ,
Dealer In Hats And Caps,
At Wholesale and Retail ,
No. 122 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.
Pearce, Charles, ferryman , nsnorth side Hempstead wwest of Broadway
Pearce, Lorens, riverman , sssouth side Plum wwest of First
Pearce, John F, plumber , wswest side Third opposite Cathedral
Pearson, George, drayman , sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Pearson, James, engineer , swsouth west corner Eleventh and Morgan
Pearson, G, drayman , swsouth west corner Twelfth and Clark-avenue
Pease, J S, eseast side Fourth nnorth of Cedar
Peash, George, painter , 31 nnorth Second
Pechman, L, china-merchant , 22 nnorth First
Peck, Charles H, carpenter dwelling sssouth side Morgan wwest of Tenth
Peck, John W, carpenter , boards at C H Peck’s
Peck, R B, auctioneer , wswest side Second ssouth of Myrtle
Peckham, George, clerk at James Hazlett’s
Pedley, Daniel, bricklayer , boards at White Lamb
Peebles, Ira, drayman , boards at Mehr’s
Peeler, Martin, riverman , nsnorth side Cherry wwest of Second, upstairs
Peers, P J, sssouth side Walnut eeast of Second
Peers, Henry, blacksmith , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Peet, Burwell, boards at Rhenish-hosue
Peets, S G, boarding-house , 8 nnorth Third
Peets, Alban, laborer , sssouth side Locust wwest of Third, upstairs
Peixotto & co. , merchants , 68 nnorth Fourth
Peixotto, D C, (P. & co.) , wswest side Sixth ssouth of Spruce
Pellezaro, Peter, agent , nenorth east corner Thirteenth and Wash
Pelloux, James, (D’cEnch & P.) , nenorth east corner Third and Market
Peltier, Eli, boarding-house , 57 ssouth First
Peltier, G, Fort Union-tavern , wswest side Second ssouth Plum
Peltier, Erine, widow, wswest side Second nnorth of Hazel
Peltz, Herman, wswest side Second nnorth of Hazel
Pembridge, Mary Ann, grocer , 181 nnorth First
Pembleton, Daniel F, bookkeeper at Rasin & Hanson’s
Pendleton, Marcus, carpenter , boards at Boston-house
Pene, Adam, laborer , eseast side First ssouth of Chambers
PennS, jr., editor Missouri Reporter — dwdwelling , 192 Fourth
Penn, W P, Publisher of Reporter , 35 Locust
Penneman, —, (Russell & P.,) boards at vine-street-hotel