Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 151 RHO-ROY
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Rhode, Benjamin, carpenter , sssouth side Market wwest of Tenth
Rohemberg, Adolph, laborer , sssouth side Morgan eeast of Third
Rohrer, J W, druggist , eseast side Fourth nnorth of Pine
Rokohl, D, lottery-office , 183 nnorth First
Rokoph, Henry A, saddler , wswest side Second ssouth of Poplar, upstairs
Roling, Nicholas, pedlar , eseast side Eleventh ssouth of Carr
Roll, Henry, tailor , eseast side Third ssouth of Elm
Romano, Joseph, confectioner , eseast side First ssouth of Walnut
Romayn, Charles, tailor , eseast side Second ssouth of Myrtle
Romer, Henry, laborer , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Wash, upstairs
Romer, Charles, saddler , nenorth east corner Second and Wood
Romin, Mrs C W, private boarding-house , 175 nnorth First
Romyn, W J, attorney at law , 50 Pine
Roney, Michael, laborer , nenorth east corner Tenth and Green
Roper, J, gunsmith —dw, ne corner Thirteenth and Randolph
Roschke, Edward, tailor , eseast side Thirteenth nnorth of Wash
RoseEdward, M.D., wswest side Second nnorth of Hazel
Rose, John, tobacconist , 73 Chesnut
Rose, Isaiah D, dealer in peltries , sssouth side Carr eeast of Seventh
Rose, Hugh, grocer , nenorth east corner Eighth and Carr
Rosenbaum, J, shoemaker , 46 Vine
Rosenbeecher, Anton, tobacconist , eseast side Second ssouth of Convent
Rosenburg, M, surgeon , 158 Green
Rosenfeld, John, clothier , 74 nnorth Front
Rosenfelt, G, tailor , nwnorthwest corner Second and Vine, upstairs
Rosengarten, H, druggist , nsnorth side Franklin-av.avenue wwest of Broadway
Rosenmuller, Frederick, tailor , eseast side Eighth nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Rosenmuller, John, segar-maker , eseast side Twelfth nnorth of Wash
Roskilly, Joseph, plasterer , wswest side Eleventh ssouth of Morgan
Ross, Henry L, boards at Mrs. Ware’s
Ross & Cowie , saddlers , 15 nnorth First
Ross, Joseph, (R. & co.) 15 nnorth First
Ross, Christal, wswest side Fifth nnorth of Chesnut
Ross, Mary, nsnorth side Pine wwest of Sixth
Ross, Jonathan A, miller , 95 Washington-avenu
Ross, William, stone-cutter , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Wash
Ross, Samuel, grocer—dwelling , Eleventh ssouth of Carr
Ross, Daniel, mason , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Chouteau-avenue
Rossiter, Lucius T, wholesale dry-goods merchant , 97 nnorth First
Roth, Mrs Charlotte, eseast side Third nnorth of Olive
Rothenbuecher, J, shoemaker , eseast side Second ssouth of Wood
Rothone, —, confectioner , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Carr
Rothwell, W, Baron & R. wholesale druggists , 10 and 12 Vine
Roushkalb, Peter, miller , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Green
Rowan, Miss Martha, boarding-house , sw cor Fourth and Elm
Rowland, Anthony, eseast side Second ssouth of Hazel
Roy, Louis E, wswest side Second nnorth of Plum