Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 161 SLE-SMI
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Sleigerwolt, Frederick, bar-keeper , Saint Louis Park
Slenker, Lorenz, shoemaker , 26 Pine
Slevan, P & BSlevan, , wholesale dry-goods merchants , 159 nnorth First
Slevin, Patrick, (P. & B S.) baords at Vine-street-hotel
Slevin, T & CSlevin, , merchants , wswest side First ssouth of Wash
Slevin, T, (T & C S.) wswest side First ssouth of Walnut
Slevin, C, (T & C S.) wswest side First ssouth of Walnut
Sligh, John D, carpetner , boards at Foster’s
Sloan, Thomas, engineer , 247 nnorth Second, upstairs
Slocum, Samuel W, com.commission and forwarding merchant , 21 nnorth First
Sloper & Rimmer , milliners , 62 Market
Small, —, shoemaker , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Seventh
Smeisser, Charles, painter , eseast side Second ssouth of Plum
Smithers, Bernard, laborer , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Wash
Smith, Elias B, attorney at law , Walnut near Fifth
Smith, Edward, lace store , 128 Market
Smith, B P, (S. & Jerome,) 9 nnorth First — dwelling, wswest side Fifth s
of Walnut
Smith & Jerome , clothiers , 9 and 54 nnorth First
Smith, E H, clerk , 22 nnorth First
Smith, Andrew, tobacconist , 23 nnorth Foruth — dwelling, corner
Seventh and Washington-avenue
Smith, William, bookeeper , Planters’-house
Smith, Charles H, bonnet cleaner and presser , 113 Market
Smith, Elizabeth, boarding-house , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Pine
Smith, Jacob, clerk , 136 Pine
Smith & Bowen , dyers , 48 Pine
Smith, Charles L, (S. & B.) 48 Pine
Smith, Lawrence, baker , at S & J Turner’s
Smtih, C R, clerk , 49 nnorth First
Smith, John P, wholesale grocer , 54 nnorth First
Smith Brothers & co. , com.commission and forwarding merchts , 17 nnorth First
Smith, James B, (S. Brothers & co.) sesouth east corner Third and Cedar
Smith, WmWilliam H, (S. Brothers & co.) sesouth east corner Third and Cedar
Smtih, A H, shot manuftr , 17 nnorth First — boards at J Cavender’s
Smith & Blackwood , wholesale dry-goods merchants , 67 nnorth First
SmithLeonard, jr, (Dinnies & S.) 45 nnorth First
Smith, Henry R, (Webb & S.) nwnorthwest corner Vine and Third
Smith, William C, plasterer , eseast side Eighth nnorth of Olive
Smith, Bernard, barber , sssouth side Morgan eeast of Fourtheenth
Smith, John, notary public , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Saint Charles
Smith, Joseph, carpenter , 76 Saint Charles
Smith, Asa, fruit store , 24 Vine
Smith, Edward, clerk , 134 Green
Smith, Francis, riverman , swsouth west corner Seventh and Green
Smith, Sidney, stone-cutter , wswest side Eleventh ssouth of Green
Smith, B W, carpenter , nsnorth side Orange wwest of Twelfth