Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 167 STE-STO
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Stephens, WmWilliam, stone-cutter , nwnorthwest corner Seventh and Biddle
Steper, H, baker , sesouth east corner Second and Biddle
Sterling, A W, coffee-house , 46 nnorth First
Sterns, Reuel, engineer , sssouth side Olive wwest of Sixth
Sterns, Joseph, boarding-house , eseast side Broadway nnorth of Howard
Sterrett, William R, laborer , nwnorthwest corner Third and Rutger
Steuby, John H, tailor , 119 Pine
Steudeman, Frederick, wagon-maker , sssouth side Myrtle wwest of Second
Steudeman, Frederick, blacksmith , eseast side Second nnorth of Myrtle —
dwelling, eseast side Fifth nnorth of Gratiot
Stevens, S, constable — dwelling , eseast side Fourteenth ssouth of Market
Stevens, William, locksmith , 26 Chesnut
StevensChas W, M.D., (McDowell & S.) boards at National
Stevens, F M, boards at J S Lane’s
Stevens, Richard A, printer , Republican office , 47 nnorth First
StevensR F, M.D., sssouth side Morgan eeast of Sixth
Stevens, George, clerk , sssouth side Gay wwest of Twelfth
Stevenson, Charles, carpenter , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Carr, upstairs
Stevenson, Elizabeth, sssouth side of Walnut eeast of Fourth
Stevener, Ferdinard, clerk , eseast side Second ssouth of Plum, upstairs
Stewart, W S, com.commission merchant , 19 nnorth Front — dwdwelling , 192 Olive
Stewart, William, riverman , sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Stewart, William, silversmith , wswest side Seventh nnorth of Pine
Stewart, William, pilot , 159 Washington-avenue
Stewart, Chas, carpenter , eseast side Thirteenth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Stewart, James, carpenter , 201 nnorth First, upstairs
StewartJames , C, city police , eseast side Third ssouth of Spruce
Stewart, John, laborer , eseast side Sixth ssouth of Cerre
Stibbs, Christopher, sssouth side Morgan eeast of Sixth
Stickney, Benjamin, proprietor Planters’-house , wswest side Fourth,
from Chesnut to Pine
Stiefel, Frederick, brewer , eseast side Second ssouth of Lombard
Stigmaer, William, tailor , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Front
Stiles, George W, boards at S Thorp’s
Stiles, George, 25 Chesnut
Stiles & Oakley , stove dealers , 211 nnorth First
Stiles, D L, (S. & O.) 211 nnorth First
Stillinger, Daniel, cabinet-maker , nenorth east corner Eighth & Green
Stilwell, Edmund, pilot , nsnorth side Mullanphny eeast of Broadway
Stilwell, S, gas and lamp store and manufactory , 42 ssouth First
Stine, William, brushmaker , eseast side Second ssouth of Chesnut
Stine, C W, grocer , nenorth east corner Fourth and Olive
Stine, J, steamboat captain , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Washington-avenue
Stine, J R, 102 Myrtle, between Third and Fourth
Stock, Lewis, clerk , 15 Market
Stock, D, French shoemaker , 55 nnorth Second