Green's St. Louis directory :
170 Saint Louis Directory. STU-SWE
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Stubbs, John, locksmith , nwnorthwest corner Second and Olive
Stuckler, John, beer-house , eseast side Carondelet ssouth of Marion
Stulte, Peter, wswest side Eighth ssouth of Biddle
Stultz, M, cabinet-maker , 45 Locust
Stump, Jacob, carpenter , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Sturwold, WmWilliam, ropemaker , sesouth east corner Thirteenth and Biddle
Saint Louis University , swsouth west corner Ninth and Morgan
Saint Louis Insurance —G RMcGunnegle, , president ; A
Ricketson, , sec. —73 nnorth First, se cor First and Olive, upsupstairs .
Saint Louis Type-foundry, and printers’ warehouse , (A PLa-, ) 47 Locust
Saint Louis Steam Sugar-refinery , (W HBelcher, ,) swsouth west cor-
ner Front and Spruce
Saint Louis Patent Lead-pipe and Sheet-lead works , (W W
Thompson, ) swsouth west corner Front and Spruce
Saint Louis Dispensary , 103 Pine
Sullivan, Dennis, laborer , eseast side Tenth nnorth of Market
Sullivan C D & co. , watchmakers , 42 nnorth First
Sullivan, C D, (S. & co.,) 42 nnorth First
Sullivan, Peter, clerk in surveyor-general’s office
Sullivan, Jeremiah, nsnorth side Saint Charles wwest of Eighth
Sullivan, Eleanor, boarding-house , wswest side First ssouth of Elm
Sullivan, James, eseast side Third ssouth of Myrtle
Sullivan, Elizabeth, boarding-house , wswest side First ssouth of Elm
Sullivan, John, carter , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Labadie
Summers, Harrison, engineer , nsnorth side Gay eeast of Fifteenth
Sunderland, Theodore, founder , sssouth side Wash eeast of Eighth
Sunderland, Theodore, nsnorth side Cherry wwest of Second
Supple, James, laborer , wswest side Centre ssouth of Market
Supple, James, porter at Vanlear’s , 12 nnorth Front
Surdam, Nathaniel, carpenter , eseast side Second nnorth of Olive
Surveyor-General’s office , 89 Chestnut, upstairs
Suter, David, drayman , wswest side Thirteenth nnorth of Wash
Sutton, Joseph T.carpenter , nwnorthwest corner Fifth and Wash
Sutton, Elizabeth, sssouth side Myrtle eeast of Seventh
Sutton, Mary Ann, widow, eseast side Third ssouth of Myrtle
Sutton J C & co. , Hope Mills , swsouth west corner Fifth and Gratiot
Sutton, J C, (Sutton & co.) , swsouth west corner Fifth and Gratiot
Sutter, Michael, Lamb-tavern, sesouth east corner First and Almond
Swain, Thomas H, clerk at William Powell & co.’s
Swart, Abram M, York-house , swsouth west corner Second and Green
Swearingen A S & co. , com.commission and forwarding merchs. , 2 Pine
Swearingen, A S, (S. & co.) , 2 Pine
Swearingen, R S, (S. & co.) sw cor Sixth and Franklin-av.avenue
Sweeny, Francis, tailor , nsnorth side Organce wwest of Twelfth
Sweeny, Daniel, laborer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Wash, upstairs
Sweeny, James, segar-maker , nsnorth side Florida eeast of Second