Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 173 TEV-THO
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Tevis, Scott & Tevis , wh. dry-goods merchants , 95 nnorth First
Tevis, John C, (T., S. & T.) wswest side Sixth nnorth of Pine
Tewes, William C, (late Kimm, T. & H.) , 25 Market
Thallman, Frederick, manufacturer , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Wash
Thayer, Donaldson, clerk , nsnorth side Wash eeast of Fifth
Thayer, William P, clerk , sssouth side Almond eeast of Third
Theile, J C, tin-ware manufacturer , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Fourth —
dwelling, sesouth east corner Seventh and Washington-avenue
Thomas and Brewster , land agents , 52 nnorth Second
Thomas, M, (T. & B.) — dw, w of city limits nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Thomas, Sidney, printer , 22 Olive
Thomas, James S, (Benoist & co.) nsnorth side Hickory eeast of Seventh
Thomas, William, agent fruit store , wswest side Seconde nnorth of Pine
Thomas, B Franklin, attorney at law , 73 Pine
Thomas, Charles, painter , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Olive
Thomas, Izaac B, justice , office sssouth side Cherry eeast of Broadway
Thomas, Ezra, bricklayer , nsnorth side Biddle eeast of Sixth
Thomas, James, blacksmith , 200 nnorth Second
Thomas, William, carpenter , wswest side First ssouth of Ashley
Thomas, Jacob P.(Black & T.) eseast side Sixth ssouth of Walnut
Thomas, Isaac, sssouth side Poplar eeast of Third
Thomas, Elias, engineer , eseast side Fourth ssouth of Cedar, on alley
Thomson, J S, (Anderson & T.) sssouth side Franklin-av.avenue wwest of Ninth
Thomson, Almon, clerk , boards at T Commons’
Thompson, William, 46 Pine
Thompson, J A, undertaker , 5 nnorth Second —dwelling, sssouth side Myrtle
eeast of Fourth
Thompson, William, painter , 31 nnorth Second
Thompson, William W, (W W Thompson & co.) , lead-pipe and
sheet-leadmanufacturer , corner Spruce and Front — dwdwelling ,
Broadway near Reservoir
Thompson, WmWilliam, carpenter , wswest side Ninth ssouth of Franklin-avenue
Thompson, R W, carpenter , sssouth side Walnut eeast of Sixth, on alley
Thompson Wm W & co. , commission merchants , 39 nnorth Front
Thompson, Alexander P, (McKay & Th.) , 71 nnorth Front
Thorburn, James M, seedsman and florist , 21 Market
Thorburn, John, seedsman and florsit , eseast side Third ssouth of Morgan
Thornburgh, Robert, painter , sssouth side Wash eeast of Seventh
Thornburgh, John, riverman , wswest side Fourth ssouth of Mulberry
Thorner, H F, grocer , nwnorthwest corner Eighth and Wash
Thornton, John, nenorth east corner Third and Locust
Thornton, Richard, baker , 153 Washington-avenue
Thornton, John F, carver , eseast side Second nnorth of Vine