Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 181 WAS-WEB
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Washburn, E H, 42 Market
Washburn, Matthew, carpenter , nsnorth side Walnut wwest of Seventh
Washburn, Z D, blacksmith , nsnorth side Carr wwest of Eleventh
Washington, G W, civil-engineer , boards at Virginia-hotel
Washington Avenue Hotel , (HenryFarmer, ,) swsouth west corner Com-
mercial and Washington-avenue
Washington, John, [c.colored person ] boat store , 15 Washington-avenue
Wartman, Peter, grocer , wswest side Broadway nnorth of Morgan
Waters, James L, clerk at Von Phul’s
Waters, Samuel T, plasterer , 88 Washington-avenue
Waters, George, carpenter , sssouth side Saint Charles wwest of Fifth
Waters, Stephen, carpenter , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Green
Waters, Samuel, drayman , eseast side Tenth ssouth of Biddle
Waters, Samuel, clerk , sssouth side Poplar wwest of Second
Waters, Martin, laborer , eseast side Third ssouth of Convent
Waterman, David, bircklayer , corner Biddle and Broadway
Watkins, Thomas E, 40 Market
Watkins, Francis, engineer , wswest side Thirteenth ssouth of Market
Watkins & Chambers , general agents , 95 Chesnut
Watkins, B F, (W. & C.) nsnorth side Myrtle wwest of Fifth
Watkins, Frederick G, tobacconist , 45 nnorth First
Watkins, James E, tinner , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Third
Watkins, Thomas, wood merchant , sssouth side Spruce eeast of Third
WatsonE Y, M.D., eseast side Fifth nnorth of Pine
Watson, R D, importer and dealer in china, glass, and queens-
ware , 74 nnorth First—dwelling, nenorth east corner Eighth and Pine
Watson & Wirt , attorneys at law , 75 Pine
Watson, John H, (W. & W.) 75 Pine
Watson, John S, (W. & Wilgus) sssouth side Walnut wwest of Fifth
Watson, T, commissioner in bankruptcy , Collins nnorth of Cherry
Watson, Henry F, boards at Thomas Watson’s
Watson, Joh, laborer , sssouth side Wash eeast of Eighth
Watson, Sarah Ann, widow, sesouth east corner First and Myrtle
Watson, John, tavern , 102 nnorth Front
Watt, William L, (Hoffman & co.) nsnorth side Locust wwest of Second
Watts, John, laborer , sssouth side Plum wwest of First
Watts, S A, furnishing-store , 70 Market—dwelling, wswest side Sixth
nnorth of Biddle
Warth & Corthron , merchants , 32 Market
Waugh, James, (W. & C.) Third ssouth of Hospital
Weaver, John, painter , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Saint Charles
Weaver, Willis, carpenter , wswest side Tenth nnorth of Clark-avenue
Webb, Thomas H, laborer , wswest side third nnorth of Market
Webb & Smith , merchants , 51 nnorth Third
Webb, William G, (W. & S.) wswest side Sixth nnorth of Carr
Webb, Frederick, clerk at Webb & Smith’s
Webb, A F W, merchant , 137 nnorth First