Green's St. Louis directory :
184 Siant Louis Directory. WET-WIL
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Wetzel, O, clerk , 3 nnorth First
Wetzel, W Y (Hall & W, ) 5 nnorth Front
Wetzel, Z F, clerk , 28 nnorth First, boards at E Brooks’
Wetzel, Charles, tinner and grocer , eseast side Second nnorth of Cedar
Weyer, Moses, wood merchant , nenorth east corner Third and Poplar
Weygand, Frederick, tailor , eseast side Second nnorth of Almond
Whealan, Michael, tailor , eseast side Second nnorth of Vine
Whealan, James, laborer , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Morgan
Whealing, James, livery-stable—dwelling , eseast side Sixth nnorth of Elm
Wheat, Benoni, clerk , at Manville Seymour’s
Wheeler, Emanuel, [c.colored person ] 170 Green
Wheeler, William, laborer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Carr
Wheeler, J, tailor , wswest side Second nnorth of Poplar
Wheeler & Ellis , commission merchants , 80 nnorth Front
Wheeler, Charles, (W. & E. ) 80 nnorth Front
Wheelock, E, agent Root’s cooking-stoves , nsnorth side Locust wwest of First
Whipple, Michael, laborer , eseast side First nnorth of Plum
White, E C, merchant , 62 Market—dw, es Fifth nnorth of Olive
White, W H, Fourth , between Market and Walnut
White, Nicholas, slater , eseast side Tenth ssouth of Market
White, William, Indian trader , wswest side Second nnorth of Pine
White & Parrot , hair manufacturers , wswest side Second nnorth of Pine
White, Charles F, saddler , nenorth east corner Fourth and Pine
White, James K, painter , eseast side Eighth nnorth of Olive
White, John, finisher at foundry , sssouth side Washington-av.avenue wwest of Fifth
White, T J, M.D., wswest side Third ssouth of Vine
White, William N, merchant , 142 nnorth Third
White, Elizabeth, dressmaker , 162 Green
White & Shannon, Washington mill , wswest side Seventh nnorth of Wash
White, James H, (W. & S. ) wswest side Ninth nnorth of Morgan
White J H. & co. lumber dealers , sesouth east corner Third and Vine
Joseph, H. White.
Wilkinson, Bryan. Lumber Yard
J. H. White & ,
South-East Corner Of Third And Vine Sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Keep constantly for sale a complete assortment of
Pine Lumber, Shingles, Joists, Scantling, Lath,
And All other Stock usually found in Lumber-yard.
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Gutter Sticks and Other Pine Timber Sawed to Order