Green's St. Louis directory :
190 Saint Louis Directory. WOO-WRI
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Wood, Mary, widow , 155 Green
Wood, Thomas, tailor , 43 Green
Wood & Shaw , boat-store , 41 nnorth Front
Wood, Thomas, (W. & S. ) 41 nnorth Front
Woodbridge, Johnson, carpenter , wswest side Colins nnorth of Cherry
Woodbridge, H P, importer and dealer in watches , 144 nnorth First
Woodland, T W, M.D., 116 nnorth Fourth
Woodman D & co. , bakers , 3 nnorth Fourth
Woodman, D, (W. & co. ) 3 nnorth Fourth
Woodman, Joseph, baker , 79 nnorth Fourth—dwelling, sesouth east corner
Fifth and Elm
Woodruff, A D, attorney at law , 43 Chesnut
Woodruff, James E, (E K Wood ruff & co., New York, and
Hellin & Woodruff, New Orleans, ) commission merchants ,
24 nnorth Front, St. Louis, Missouri
Woodruff, John C, 73 nnorth Fourth
Woodruff, John, moulder , nsnorth side St. Charles ssouth of Fifth
Woods, William S, bookseller and stationer , 110 Market
Woods, Ephraim, rope-spinner , boards at James Humphrey’s
Woods, Christy & co. , wh. dry good merchants , 93 nnorth First
Woods, Robert K, (W., Christy & co. ), 93 nnorth Front
Woods, Yeatman & co. , iron merchants , 86 nnorth Front
Woodson, Zecharias, [c.colored person ] 189 Green
Woodward, E K, literary emporium , 70 Chesnut—dwelling, sssouth side
Pine wwest of Second
Woodworth, John R, (New York-hotel, ) 101 Green
Woodworth, John, watchman , on alley through block 253
Woolfolk, Z T, tobacco inspector , Planters’ warehouse—dwell
ing, nenorth east corner Tenth and Olive
Wooll, G, carver and gilder , 14 nnorth First—dwelling, 89 Olive
wwest of Third
Woolsey, Charles, sugar-refiner , dw,dwelling wswest side Fourth ssouth of Cerre
Woolridge, John, ship-carpenter , sssouth side Locust wwest of Third
Worsley, John, blacksmith , wswest side Third nnorth of Rutger
Worthington, William, cabinet-maker , boards at W C Corley’s
Worthington, Daniel, car driver , swsouth west corner Fifth and Wash
Wortman, Henry, grocer , eseast side Second nnorth of Olive
Wortman, Philip, laborer , eseast side Fourteenth nnorth of Carr
Wortman, John, mason , corner Twelfth and Wash
Wright, U, (W. & Shreve, ) attorney at law , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Morgan
Wright & Shreve , attornies at law , 43 Pine
Wright, Benjamin, (Reed & W., ) nwnorthwest corner Third and Olive
Wright, John, carpenter , nsnorth side Orange wwest of Twelfth
Wright, D S, riverman , 133 Green
Wright, Mary, widow , 186 nnorth Fourth
Wright, William, plasterer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Morgan
Wright, Henry H, carpenter , nenorth east corner Fifth and Wash