Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 191 WRI-YOU
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Wright, Edward, blacksmith , sssouth side Carr eeast of Seventh
Wright, Daniel T, carpenter , sssouth side Myrtle wwest of Fifth
Wright, Sarah, widow , wswest side Sixth ssouth of Spruce
Wright, Thomas, riverman , wswest side First nnorth of Plum
Wright, Richard, portrait painter , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Convent
Wright, Ezekiel, ten-pinner , 92 nnorth Front
Wright, Wiley, tinner , at Beaky & McAleer’s
Wuerdeman, Amelia, professor and teacher of music , 8 ssouth Third
Wuesthoff, Julius, grocer , n s Market eeast of Third
Wulfing, G, merchants , nenorth east corner Sixth and Elm
Wenkinberg, F, tailor , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Fourth
Wygant, Henry, agent Comstock’s medicines , eseast side Second two
doors nnorth of Olive
Wyman, Edward, teacher , English and Classical High School,
corner Fourth and Chesnut—dwelling, 119 Tenth
E. Wyman’s
English And Classical High School ,
Corner of Fourth and Chesnut Streets.
For Particulars, See Annual Catalogues.
Xaupi, E J, teacher of dancing , wswest side Twelfth ssouth of Morgan
Yager, Balser, laborer , eseast side Tenth nnorth of Carr
Yates, Thomas, cotton manufacturer , sssouth side Spruce eeast of Thirteenth
Yeatman, James E, (Y., Wood & co., ) nwnorth west corcorner Front and Green
Yeoman, William, eseast side Ninth nnorth of Morgan
Yoeckel, Christian, gardener , nenorth east corner Ninth and Wash
Yore, Patric, pilot , 130 Morgan
York House , (A, M Swart,) swsouth west corner Second and Green
Yost, Henry, farmer , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Morgan
Young, H H, merchant , 41 (old number) Walnut
Young, Jesse, boards at B P Smith’s
Young, Ebenezer, grocer , 5 Market
Young, John, saddler , 63 nnorth First
Young, Joseph, locksmith , corner Third and Olive
Young, Ann, widow , nsnorth side Green wwest of Ninth
Young, John N, eseast side Fifth nnorth of Morgan
Young, Philip, engineer , eseast side Eleventh ssouth of Carr
Young, Thomas, broom and mat maker , nsnorth side convent eeast of Fifth
Young, L, (Hess & Y., ) swsouth west corner Ninth and Franklin-av.avenue
Young, G W, broom-maker , nsnorth side Chambers wwest of Broadway