Green's St. Louis directory :
30 Saint Louis Directory. BUF-BUR
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Buffington, Henry, shoemaker , eseast side Tenth nnorth of Morgan
Bullard, Aaron, chairmaker , wswest side Thirteenth ssouth of Market
Bullard, J M, druggist , basement Planters’-house
Bullard, Rev. A, pastor First Presbyterian Church — dwelling
swsouth west corner Fourth and Washington-avenue
Bullock, Irvine, carpenter , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Biddle
Bullock, Orrin, carpenter , 230 nnorth Second
Bullock, Samuel B, collector Fourth-ward, sssouth side Green wwest of First
Bumgardiner, A, wood-sawyer , nsnorth side Franklin-av.avenue wwest of Eighth
Bumgartner, Henry, sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Bunding, John, wholesale druggist , 100 nnorth First
Bunning, John, laborer , wswest side Eigth ssouth of Wash
Bunner, Rudolph, drayman , wswest side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Burback, Benedict, Franklin-tavern, sw cor First and Cherry
Burbbayge, I B, general agent , 21 nnorth Third
Burch, Richard, saddler , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Second
Burchard, Matthew, dyer and cleanser , 49 Chesnut
Burchard & Tweedale , Etna foundry , and premium scale man-
ufacturers , 62 nnorth Second
Etna Foundry,
Premium Platform Scales Manufactory ,
Burchard & Tweedale ,
No. 62 North Second Street, Saint Louis,
Have on hand, and continue to manufacture,
The Premium Platform Scales.
Counter, Flour, Floor, Coal And Hay Scales,
Of Various Sizes And Descriptions,
Made in the best manner and warranted, which will be sold as low or lower
than they can be bought in this city or elsewhere.
Burchard, M N, (B. & T.) 62 nnorth Second
Burchman, Frederick, laborer , wswest side Third nnorth of Rutger
Burchstead, William, confectioner , 51 Market
Burd, Tilden & Burd , coppersmiths, tinners and stove manufac-
turers , 45 nnorth First
Bnrd, William, (B., T. & B.) 68 nnorth Second
Burd, J W, (B., T. & B.) 68 nnorth second
Burd, Tilsey, [c.colored person ] eseast side Eighth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Burden, Woodson, sssouth side Carr eeast of Eleventh