Green's St. Louis directory :
38 Saint Louis Directory. CLA-CLE
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ClarkJ J, M. D., 21 Locust
Clark E D & J , leather store , 170 nnorth First
Clark, E D(E D & J C.) 170 nnorth First
Clark, J(E D & J C.) 170 nnorth First
Clark, William, trader , sw cor Eleventh and Franklin-avenue
Clark, WmWilliam G, (Childs & C.) eseast side Broadway ssouth of Mound
Clark, Levi B, 102 Market
Clark, Chenire, mason , sssouth side Mound wwest of Eighth
Clark, John, plasterer , nsnorth side Mound wwest of Tenth
Clark, James, teamster , nsnorth side Mound wwest of Tenth
Clark, Patrick, engineer , eseast side Lewis nnorth of Ashley
Clark, Martin, plumber , wswest side Third nnorth of Rutger
Clark, Elbridge G, constable , 6 ssouth Fourth
Clark, George M, brickmaker , eseast side Tenth ssouth of Hickory
Clark, Philip R, wagon-maker , wswest side Decatur, (Soulard’s addition
Clark, James, marble-cutter , 18 Chesnut
Clark, Houston, riverman , 137 Green
Clark, James, tinner , nenorth east corner Eighth and Carr
Clark, Robert P, wswest side Collin’s nnorth of Cherry
Clark, William, machinist , nsnorth side Gratiot wwest of Ninth
Clark John F, & co. , boat-store and commission merchants , 8
nnorth Front
Clarke, Henry, saddler , 39 nnorth First
Clarkson, Robert, carpenter , corner Spruce and Thirteenth
Clary, Edward A, nenorth east corner Eleventh and Chesnut
Clary, John, coffee-house , 100 nnorth Front
Clay, Cyprian, printer , eseast side Broadway nnorth of Cherry
Clay, Geo, wood-merchant , nwnorth west corcorner First and Walnut, upsupstairs .
Clay, L, wood-merchant , eseast side Fourth nnorth of Mulberry, on alley
Claymore, Lambert, sssouth side Cedar wwest of Third
Clayton, H J, Shades coffee-house , under theatre, Olive-st.street
Clayter, WmWilliam R, steamboat clerk , boards with J Townsend
Cleary, Mrs, milliner , 101 Market
Cleary, Edmund, saddler , wswest side Seventh nnorth of Biddle
Cleland, Beriah, house mover , 135 Chesnut
Clemens, James, jr, 98 Market
Clemens, George, steamboat engineer , sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Clemens, Charles B, deputy clerk Circuit Court
Clemens, George, engineer , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent, on alley
Clement, B S, auctioneer , 51 nnorth First
Clement, Barclay, clerk at Allen & Hall’s
Clement, Joseph, shoemaker , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Seventh
Clendining, John, hatter , 111 nnorth First
Clermo, Lewis, pilot , sssouth side Jefferson wwest of Broadway
Cleveland, C M, clerk , 42 Market
Cleveland, Mary Ann, dressmaker , 94 Pine