Green's St. Louis directory :
40 Saint Louis Directory. COL-COM
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Coleman, J B, druggist , nwnorth west corcorner Seventh and Green — has
always on hand a general assortment of Medicines, Paints,
Oils, Dye-stuffs & c., which, in all cases, may be relied on as
being of the purest quality, and selected with the greatest
care.—Prescriptions carefully prepared at all hours of the
Colliner & Morrison , commission merchants , 67 nnorth Front
Collins, Mrs Eliza, sssouth side Olive wwest of Sixth
Collins & Kellogg , wholesale dry-goods merchants , 153 nnorth First
Collins, Morris, (C. & K.) boards at City-hotel
Collins, Charles, 40 Green
Collins, John, 42 Green, at Fearon’s Ale and Porter Depot
Collins, John, ship-carpenter , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Fourth
Collins, Henry, riverman , eseast side Eighth nnorth of Carr
Collins, Lavina, widow, wswest side Third ssouth of Mulberry
Collingwood, Henry, trader , boards at Mr Philip’s
Colmery, Francis Y, saddler , boards at T Brady’s
Colmery, Peter, blacksmith , sssouth side Plum wwest of Second
Colston, Edward, grate manufacturer , 23 nnorth First
Colt, James B, attorney at law , 38 Pine
Colter, William, shoemaker , 76 Market
Colton & Moulton, Indian Queen-hotel , 26 and 28 Locust
Colton, George A, (C. & M.) 26 Locust
Colton, Evan, tinner , sssouth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Sixth
Coulten, John, carpenter , sssouth side Brooklyn wwest of Broadway
Colver T. & D , grocers , sesouth east corner Spruce and Third
Colver, Thomas, (T & D C.) sesouth east corner Spruce and Third
Colver, Daniel, (T & C D.) sesouth east corner Spruce and Third
Colvin, Samuel, cabinet-maker , nsnorth side Green wwest of Tenth
Colvin, John W, justice of the peace , office 28 Vine
Colvin, John, carter , nsnorth side Poplar wwest of First
Comfort, J H, attorney at law , sssouth side Cherry eeast of Broadway
Comisky, Hugh, laborer , wswest side Sixth ssouth of Wash
Commercial Exchange , SamuelStailey, , nwnorthwest corner Commercial
and Vine
Commons, Thomas, 119 and 121 nnorth Fourth
Compan, George, cabinet-maker , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Fourth
Compton, J J, plasterer , sssouth side Labeaume wwest of Broadway
Comstock J F & co. , 16 and 36 nnorth First
Comstock, James F, (C. & co.) 16 nnorth First
Comstock, Anson, (C. & co.) 92 Washington-avenue
Comte, Auguste, saddler , 96 nnorth First
Concert-Hall , 56 Market — a rendezvous for public
meetings, and place for holding balls, fairs, concerts, and
various exhibitions of the better sort, and has one of the
most spacious rooms in Saint Louis.
Condon, Judson, produce dealer , 6 ssouth First