Green's St. Louis directory :
46 Saint Louis Directory. DAN-DAV
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Dantzberger, Fredk, wagor-maker , swsouth west corner Third and Rutger
Darby, John F, attorney at law , office 27 Pine
Darley, J S, cabinet-maker , wswest side Second nnorth of Green
Darlington, G D, cabinet-maker , wswest side Fourteenth ssouth of Spruce
Darlington, Thomas, 87 Green
Darnall, H W, medical student , at Dr Pallen’s
Darrah, Henry T, 128 nnorth Fourth
Darst, Margaret, widow, sssouth side Walnut eeast of Fourth
Darst, Robert, wswest side Centre ssouth of Market
Daters, Henry, wswest side Eighth nnorth of Biddle
Daugherty, Sarah B, widow, sssouth side Walnut wwest of Third
Daugherty, Robert W, attorney at law , office 33 nnorth Second
Daugherty, John A, clerk , 20 nnorth Front
Daugherty, Henry, clerk , 75 nnorth First
Daugherty, Joseph, clerk , nsnorth side Almond wwest of Fourth
Daugherty, James, City-attorney , office nsnorth side Cherry wwest of Second
Davenport, Isaac, cupper and leecher , 69 Green
Davenport, Thomas, furniture wareroom , 64 nnorth Second
Davies, Daniel, book and job printer , 15 Olive, upstairs—dw,
sw corner Fourth and Franklin-avenue
DanielDavies, ,
Letter-Press Printer ,
76 Main Street,
Above the banking-house of Clark & Brothers, (Second Story,)
Entrance on Olive-Street, Saint Louis,
With feelings of gratitude for the liberal extension of partronage he has
received during the brief period of his residence in St. Louis, is desirous of
assuring his friends and the rapidly-growing community of this city, that any
work entrusted to them will be exeeated with neatness and punctuality, and on
terms as satisfactory as can be obtained at any other office in the city.
In the Book And Pamphlet Printinc, to which he is
devoting the principal portion of his attention, D. D. would take the liberty
to remark, that an experience of thirty years in the business, a great propor-
tion of which time has been spent in the best offices of New Orleans, New
York, and London, warrants him in asserting, that the strictest Accuracy
may be relied on in all work iwth which he may be favored, as the whole of
the "practical" part of the business will be under his own superintendence.
Davies, Thomas, carpenter , 271 Eleventh, nnorth of Carr
Davis, John V, brickmaker , eseast side Centre ssouth of Market
Davis, Samuel C, (D., T. & R.) sssouth side Walnut wwest of First