Green's St. Louis directory :
50 Saint Louis Directory. DIE-DIT
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Diehl, Henry, cabinet-maker , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Hickory
Dierno, James, clerk , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Saint Charles
Diersing, Henry, Theatre coffee-house , opposite theatre
Diestelherst, Henry, carpenter , nsnorth side Market wwest of Fifteenth
Diestelhert, William, shoemaker , boards at H Diestelherst’s
DietrichsMartin, M.D., sssouth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Teth
Dietz, William R, grocer , sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Dietrichs, William F, tobacconist , sssouth side Franklin-av.avenue wwest of Seven
— Manufacurers all kinds of Tobacco, Snuffs, and Segan
which he will sell at wholesale or retial, at reasonable price
Dietz, Edward F, (Mueller & D.) 54 Chesnut
Diggs, John F, ship-carpenter , eseast side Broadway ssouth of Madison
Dikeman, B & Dikeman, R, jewellers , 74 Market
Dikeman, Henry, drayman , on Fifth nnorth of Green
Dikeman, W R, wholesale dry-goods merchant , 51 nnorth First
Dikeson, Charles, clerk , sssouth side Mulberry eeast of Fourth
Dill, John, plasterer , wswest side Fourth ssouth of Almond
Dillon, Bernard, clerk , 8 in Front
Dillon, Charles, merchant , eseast side First ssouth of Walnut
Dillon, Michael, laborer , eseast side Sixth nnorth of Cerre
Dillon, Patrick, laborer , nsnorth side Walnut wwest of Ninth
Dillon, P M, nsnorth side Gratiot wwest of Eighth
Dillon, William, segar-maker , — First
Dings, Fredk, bursh and comb-maker , eseast side Second ssouth of Chesnu
FrederickDings, ,
Brush Manufacturer ,
No. 11 North Second-street,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Has Constantly On Hand A Great Variety Of
Fancy And Other Brushes,
Comprising Hair, Cloth, Flesh, Tooth, Shaving, Sweeping, Scrubing,
Wall, Dusting, Horse, Paint, Varnish, Sash Tools,
And Every Article In The Brush Line.
[missing figure]
Large Dealers, and the Trade generally, supplied on the
most liberal Terms.
Dinn & Grub , seedsmen and florists , 6 nnorth Front
Dinnies & Smith , booksellers , 45 nnorth First
Dinnies, J C, (D. & S.) 45 nnorth First
Disch, Florence, shoemaker , sssouth side Locust wwest of Third
Dischen, Henry, laborer , wswest side Jackson nnorth of Barry
Disharoon, Thomas, Maryland-house , nwnorth west corcorner Sixth and Chesnut
Ditterman, H, grocer , wswest side Seventh nnorth of Carr
Dittman, George F, shoe store , 39 Walnut