Green's St. Louis directory :
52 Saint Louis Directory. DON-DOU
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Donaho, George, laborer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Green
Donahu, Terrence, drayman , eseast side Eighth ssouth of Wash
Donaho, Terrence, mason , sssouth side Wash wwest of Seventh
Donaho, Magdalen, widow, wswest side First ssouth of Plum
Donaho, T F, bricklayer , eseast side Carondelet-avenue ssouth of Emmett
Donaldson & Hall , plane and edge-tool manufactrs 27 nnorth First
Donaldson, J F, (D, & H.) nenorth east corner Twelfth and Olive
Donaldson, Isaac P, wswest side Fifth ssouth of Carr
Donegan, J J, merchant , wswest side First ssouth of Walnut
Doneuse, John, corner Twelfth and Gay
Doneuse, George, tailor , corner Twelfth and Gay
Donker, John, tobacconist , 54 Green
Donne, Jerome, masson , eseast side Tenth ssouth of Biddle
Donne, Robert, clothier , 91 nnorth Front
Donnally, Michael, stone-cutten , boards at Mrs McGoa’s
Donnally, Patrick, laborer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Green, upstairs
Donnell, James, painter , eseast side Second nnorth of Market
Donnelly, Matthew, drayman , wswest side Sixth ssouth of Green
Donnelly, Edward, riverman , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Carr
Donnelly, John, bricklayer , eseast side Broadway nnorth of Franklin-av
Donnelly, Charles, plasterer , as Mulberry eeast of Fourth
Donovan, D H, carpenter , nsnorth side Park-avenue wwest of Eighth
Donovan, Edward, drayman , eseast side Nitnth nnorth of Carr
Doogan, Thomas P M, upholsterer , eseast side Third nnorth of Pine
Dooley, Thomas, barkeeper , 52 nnorth First
Doran, James, carter , nsnorth side Green wwest of Ninth
Dorkins, Thomas, laborer , eseast side Thirteenth ssouth of Spruce
Dorman, James M, (McMurry & D.) was Second nnorth of Olive
Dorman, John, barkeeper at J Dorman’s
Dorwart, David, (Guild & D.) boards at Glasgow-house
DoreyFletcher, M.D., eseast side Broaday ssouth of Hempstead
Dory, John, brewer , sssouth side Cherry eeast of Broadway
Dotmann, Christophe, tailor , eseast side Third ssouth of Convent
Doty, John, cabinet-maker , nsnorth side Cedar eeast of Fourth
Douer, Gourk, laborer , nenorth east corner Fourteenth and Carr
Doughtery, R W, att’y at law , office basement Planters’-house
Doughtery, John A, clerk , 20 nnorth Front
Dougherty, Henry, clerk , 75 nnorth First
Dougherty, Robert, (Osborne & D.) wswest side Fourth nnorth of Olive
Dougherty, J W, (Van Antwerp & D.) Missourian, 149 nnorth First
Dougherty, Edward, laborer , nsnorth side Green wwest of Eleventh
Dougherty, Ezekiel C, nsnorth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Tenth
Dougherty, Michael, laborer , wswest side Sixth ssouth of Wash
Dougherty, William, carpenter , sw cor Seventh and Clark-av.avenue
Dougherty, Jabez, pedlar , baords at Napoleon-house
Douglass, Cornelia, widow, eseast side Fifth nnorth of Poplar
Douglass, Jacob, nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Second