Green's St. Louis directory :
54 Saint Louis Directory DUM-EAL
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Dumm, Patrick, blacksmith , sssouth side Washington-av.avenue wwest of Tenth
Dumont, Mrs, widow, nwnorthwest corner Ninth and Olive
Damoulin, John B, mason , 8 nnorth Second
Dunn, Christopher, laborer , 110 Green
Dunn, John, blacksmith , 106 Green
Dunn, Patrick, wswest side Eighth ssouth of Biddle
Dunn, John, quarrier , boards at P McKenna’s
Dunn, Thomas, laborer , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Biddle
Dunean, Peter, cabinet-maker , 155 Washington-avenue
Duncan, Margaret, widow, 155 Washington-avenue
Duncan, Jonathan, [c.colored person ] swsouth west corner Seventh and Morgan
Duncan, T O, president Liberty Fire Company , and Seeretary
Board of Aldermen — dwelling , sw cor Fifth and Monroe
Dunlop, William, riverman , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Wash
Dupleiz, Sylveste, laborer , sesouth east corner Third and Lombard
Dupre, F., clerk in Land-office — dwdwelling , wswest side Second nnorth of Mulberry
Durant, William D, produce dealer , 6 ssouth First
Durkan, Robert, eseast side Third ssouth of Almond, upstairs
Durkee, Dwight, clerk at Collins & Kellogg’s
Durno, James, clerk , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Saint Charles
Duryee, John R, clerk , nenorth east corner First and Pine
DusenburyAbsolom, M.D., 29 Locust
Dutcher, Thomas B, commission merchant , 41 nnorth Front — dwelling,
114 Washington-avenue
Dutro, Ezekiel S, cooper , wswest side Tenth nnorth of Green
Dutton, Isaac L, ship-carpenter , eseast side Broadway nnorth of Big-mound
Dszenbergh, Margaret, widow, wswest side Third nnorth of Rutger
Dwyer, Francis, tinner , 29 nnorth First
Dwyer, James, laborer , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Twelfth
Dwyer, Michaet, laborer sssouth side Carr eeast of Seventh
Dwyer, Timothy, drayman , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Twelfth
Dwyer, William, wswest side Tenth ssouth of Walnut
Dwyer, Nathan, laborer wswest side Eighth nnorth of Wash, on alley, upsupstairs .
Dwyer, Thomas B, commission merchant , 28 Front
Dyer, William, clerk at McKay & Thompson’s
Dyer, Manfred, segar-maker , sssouth side Green eeast of Third
Eads, James B, (Case & co.) 38 Green
Eager & Hill , attorneys at law , 17 Pine
Eager, John M, (E. & Hill) 186 Olive
Eager, Joshua, contractor , sssouth side Mulberry eeast of Fourth
Eagle Foundry, Garrison & Brothers , corcorner of Walnut and Front
Eagles, William C, carpenter, wswest side Second ssouth of Plum
Eagleson, William, fruit store , swsouth west corner Third and Locust
Eakert, August, mason , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Hickory
Ealer, Henry, pilot , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Poplar