Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory 57 EGB-ENG
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Egbers, Bernard, tailor , wswest side Second nnorth of Olive
Eggers, Edward, (Angelrodt, E. & B.) 173 nnorth First
Eichler, Gerogemtailor , sssouth side Olive wwest of First
Eichott, Henry, laborer , wswest side Twelfth ssouth of Spruce
Elberscht, Ernest, carpenter , eseast side Eighth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Eles, Nicholas, drayman , swsouth west corner Thirteenth and Biddle
Elliott, Edward, steamboat Captain , wswest side Thirteenth ssouth of Market
Elliot & Walker , dry-goods merchants , 2 nnorth First, nwnorthwest corner
First and Market.
Elliot, Andrew, (E. & W.) 2n First.
Elliot, Rev. W G, Unitarian church , wswest side side Eighth nnorth of Olive.
Elliot, Ichabod, steamboat mate , eseast side side Broadway nnorth of Howard
Elligsworth, Live, laboror , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Morgan
Ellis, Charles D, sssouth side Olive wwest of Sixth
Ellis, John, fruit store , nsnorth side Olive opposite theatre
Ellis, William, laborer , swsouth west corner Twelfth and Franklin-av.avenue
Ellis, Vespasian, Minister to Venezuela, wswest side Fourth ssouth of Poplar
Ellis, Dawson, riverman , nsnorth side Plum eeast of Third
Ellis, William H, (Wheeler & E.) 80 nnorth Front.
Elm, Edward, hatter , swsouth west corner Vine and Third
Elsmeller, Henry, Watchman , sssouth side Convent eeast of Fifth
Ely & Higdon , merchants , 150 nnorth Third
Ely, Chas A, (E. & H.) dwelling 166 Morgan
Ema, John, carpenter 61 Olive, upstairs
Emanuel & Hart , clothiers , 120 nnorth First
Emanuel, Isaac, (E.& H.) 120 nnorth First
Emanuel, J, grocer , swsouth west corner Sixth and Myrtle
Emmerson, D D, livery-stable , 90 Olive
Emmerson, Ellen, dress and corset maker , eseast side Second ssouth of Vine
Emmerson, Thos, furniture-warehouse , eseast side Second nnorth of Locust
Emmerson, Thos, ship-carpenter , wswest side Broadway nnorth of Madison
Emmesberger, WmWilliam, laborer , nenorth east corner Twelfth and Carr
Emmett, William B.cooper , dwelling eseast side Sixth nnorth of Locust
Enrich, Adolph, baker , nwnorthwest corner Market and Twelfth
Enalt, P, nenorth east corner Third and Chesnut
Engal, Louis, wagoner , nsnorth side Franklin-av.avenue wwest of Eighth
Engel, John, laborer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Carr, upstairs
Emgbert, Ignatius, drayman , eseast side Centre ssouth of Market
Engel, Fred, Oregon-house , sw cor Thirteenth and Franklin-av.avenue
Engel, Martin, musician , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Convent, upstairs
Engel, William, laborer , sssouth side Myrtle eeast of Seveth
Engleton & Snyder , brewers , swsouth west corner Third and Elm
Engleton, Shtophel, (E. & W.) swsouth west corner Third and Elm
Engleman & Wistezinus , physicians , 16 nnorth second
Engleman, George, (E & W.) 16 nnorth Third
English, James, laborer , nsnorth side Walnut wwest of Ninth
English, J W, shoe-store , 180 nnorth Third