Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 69 GIL-GOD
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Gill, George H, 56 nnorth First
Gilles, Francis, nsnorth side Green wwest of Ninth
Gill, Charles, clerk , 56 nnorth First
Gilbert, Charles, clerk , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Fifth
Gillespie, Peter, laborer , nsnorth side Market wwest of Eighth
Gill, John, turner , eseast side Twelfth nnorth of Biddle
Gillespie, Charles D, (Carr & G.) 103 nnorth First
Gilligan, James, boarding-house , sssouth side Morgan eeast of First
Gilliam, Peter, brewer , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Pine
Gilliam, John, carter , nsnorth side Green wwest of Ninth
Gilliam, Samuel A, bookkeeper at Ray & co.’s
Gilkinson, John, riverman , eseast side Eleventh nnorth of Carr
Given J & co. , hardware merchants , 179 nnorth First
Gilbreth, Samuel, nail-cutter , wswest side Panurge alley ssouth of Carr
Given John, G. & co. ) 179 nnorth First
Gibert, G L, shoemaker , eseast side Second nnorth of Lombard
Given, John, drayman , sssouth side Carr wwest of Eighth
Giltar, Henry, painter , sssouth side Myrtle eeast of Third
Gelman, Winthrop, com.commission merchant , wswest side Commercial nnorth of Vine
Gilmartin, Mary, widow, eseast side Fifth nnorth of Convent
Gill, Thomas, tailor , sesouth east corner Eleventh and Washington-avenue
Gillespie, Jas, miniature painter , nenorth east corcorner Second and Wood, upsupstairs .
Gillhouse, Anton, carter , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Gratiot
Glasby, Alban, (G., M’C. & G.) wswest side Sixth nnorth of Morgan
Glasford, George, sssouth side Marion eeast of Jackson
Glasgow’s office , 127 Chesnut
GlasgowWilliam, jr, eseast side Fourth ssouth of Market
GlasgowWilliam, sr, wswest side Fourth ssouth of Market
Glasgow, James, 127 Chesnut
Glasgow-house , E HRobbins, , 41, 43 andn 45 Olive
Glass, Patrick, wood-sawyer , nsnorth side Carr wwest of Eighth
Galsson, George, drayman , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Morgan, upstairs
Glatt, Tobias, butcher , eseast side Carondelet-av.avenue ssouth of Duchouquette
Glazier, Daniel, hatter , sssouth side Elm wwest of Sixth
Glazier, Daniel, hatter , wswest side Fourth ssouth of Almond
Gleeson, Michael, tailor , 16 Pine
Gleim, Edgar, steamboat captain , boards at J W Johnson’s
Glenn, Hugh, ship-carpenter , north Saint Louis
Glendy, Ephraim, carter , wswest side Thirteenth nnorth of Morgan
Glenn, Robert, eseast side Twelfth ssouth of Morgan
Glover, Henry, saddlery-hardware merchant , 28 nnorth First —
dwelling, wswest side Seventh ssouth of Market
Glover, Peter, laborer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Morgan
Glover, Richard, carpenter , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Clark-avenue
Goble, Herman, cooper , wswest side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-avenue, upsupstairs .
Goddard, James, baker , sesouth east corner Tenth and Franklin-avenue
Godfrey, Hosea, caulker , wswest side First of Florida