Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 79 HAT-HEI
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Hathaway, William, ship-carpenter , nsnorth side Smith eeast of First
Haven, Otis, (Burk & co.) wswest side Second ssouth of Olive
Haven, Joseph, chemist , wswest side Seventh nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Havis, John, blacksmith , swsouth west corner Third and Myrtle
Haug, Peter, laborer , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Hickory
Haus, Daniel, carpenter , sesouth east corner Seventh and Pine
Hawley, J M, clerk at Planters’-house
Hawkins & Sherwood , undertakers , eseast side Second nnorth of Pine
Hawkins, H B, (H. & S.) eseast side Second nnorth of Pine
Hawthorn, Jacob, agent for Gregory & co. , 81 nnorth First — dwell-
ing, 168 nnorth Sixth
Hawken J & S , gunsmiths , 33 Washington-avenue
Hawken, Jacob, (J & S H.) 33 Washington-avenue
Hawken, Samuel, (J & S H.) 37 Washington-avenue
Hawthorn, A, lumber merchant , 294 nnorth First
Hawley, Benjamin F, manufacturer , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Wash
Hawkes, Cicero S, pastor Christ church , 132 Chesnut
Hayden, Charles S, saddler , 51 Market
Hayden, Elijah, School director , sssouth side Spruce wwest of First
Hayden, Samuel, porter , nsnorth side Green eeast of Sixth
Hayward, A, wswest side Eighth nnorth of Pine
Hayward, T G, locksmith , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Washington-avenue
Haywood, C, hardware merchant — dw, ns Wash eeast of Fifth
Hays, George, laborer , swsouth west corner Eighth and Wash
Haywood, William, plumber , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Cerre
Haynes, Anthony, carpenter , nsnorth side Gratiot wwest of Ninth
Hazard, William, wswest side Sixth nnorth of Carr
Hazard, Peyton R, pilot , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Elm
Hazard, Daniel L, clerk , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Walnut
Hazlet, James, merchant , 58 nnorth Fourth
Healy, James, painter , eseast side Second nnorth of Pine
Heap, George, carpenter , nsnorth side Almond wwest of Third
Heath, William M.D., sssouth side Morgan eeast of Fifth
Hedges, I A, U. S. hull inspecter , eseast side Sixth nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Heer & Mayer , grocers , sesouth east corner Eighth and Franklin-av.avenue
Heer, Charles, (H. & M.) sesouth east corner Eighth and Franklin-av.avenue
Heerengen, E, farrier , eseast side Second nnorth of Lombard, upstairs
Heerman, P H, clerk , 28 nnorth Front
Heeman, Matthias, laborer , eseast side Fourteenth nnorth of Carr
Heeman, Frederick, watchman , eseast side Twelfth ssouth of Biddle
Hefferman, Michael, charioteer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Heid, George, tailor , eseast side Third ssouth of Convent
Heideboch, Adolph, cabinet-maker , nsnorth side Marion wwest of Jackson
Heidman, Augustus, cabinet-maker , wswest side Fourth nnorth of Morgan
Heidman, H W, 100 Pine
Heideman, Henry, shoemaker , 117 Green
Heidland, Henry, laborer , eseast side Fourteenth nnorth of Carr