Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 83 HIL-HOG
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Hill, James, carter , eseast side Sixth ssouth of Cerre
Hill, D B, lumber merchant , dw, es Edmund nnorth of Hickory
Hill & Lockwood , wholesale grocers , 70 nnorth Front
Hillenkamp, Henry, laborer , eseast side Centre ssouth of Market
Hillian, P M, carriage-maker , nsnorth side Chesnut wwest of Second
Hillman, Job, drayman , nsnorth side Locust wwest of Third
Himmelwiertz, Christophe, laborer , eseast side Jackson nnorth of Marion
Hinckley, Russell, clerk at Wiggins & co.’s
Hindell, William, founder , sssouth side Mound eeast of Ninth
Hindman, Moses, laborer , sssouth side Wash, on alley, eeast of Sixth
Hineman, Fabian, cap-maker , eseast side Second ssouth of Plum
Hiner, Johann, mason , sssouth side Marion eeast of Jackson
Hiner, William, mason , sssouth side Marion eeast of Jackson
Hinterschilt, John M, tailor , 149 Washington-avenue
Hinton O & co. , General Stage-office, basement Planters’-
house, sesouth east corner
Hinzpeter, Albert, saddler , swsouth west corner Second and Elm
Hirt, John, coffee-house , 107 nnorth Front
Hite, Alpheus, wagon-maker , wswest side Fourteenth nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Hoadley, Ira, cabinet-maker , nsnorth side Carr wwest of Seventh, on alley
Hobach, John, coffee-house , 92 nnorth Front
Hoban, Edward, tinner , sssouth side Market wwest of Eighth
Hoblitz, Jacob, mate , wswest side Tenth nnorth of Green
Hodgden, Morrell, New York hotel , 101 Green
Hodge, David, drayman , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Market
Hodgess, John, shoemaker , nsnorth side Biddle wwest of Seventh
Hoehle, John, shoemaker , nenorth east corner Thirteenth and Carr
Hoeveler, Amelia, dressmaker , wswest side Third nnorth of Elm
Hofaker, William, eseast side Second ssouth of Convent
Hoff, Hanton, boarding-house , 29 Olive
Hoffman & Campbell , gunsmiths , 65 Locust
Hoffman, Christian, (H. & C.) 65 Locust
Hoffman, Andrew, nsnorth side Washington-avenue wwest of Fourth
Hoffman, A, carpet-weaver , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Wash
Hoffman, Frederick, laborer , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Carr
Hoffman, John, wagoner , eseast side Eighth ssouth of Biddle
Hoffman, Charles, shoemaker , 233 nnorth First
Hoffman, John, (Smith & H.) nwnorth west corcorner Twelfth and Randolph
Hoffman, John D, (H. & S.) eseast side Second ssouth of Hazel
Hoffman, H L, eseast side Fourth ssouth of Poplar
Hoffman, William, hatter , eseast side Second nnorth of Cedar
Hoffman & Smith , blacksmiths , eseast side Second ssouth of Hazel
Hoffmeister, Jacob, shoemaker , nwnorthwest corner Third and Plum
Hoffner, Daniel, boarding-house , sssouth side Olive wwest of First
Hogan, Edward, clerk at Wellman & Jones’
Hogan, Henry, carpenter , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Twelfth
Hogan, Edward, riverman , boards at Mrs. Sutton’s