Green's St. Louis directory :
86 Saint Louis Directory. HOW-HUL
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Howard, Patrick, printer , at D Davies’, corcorner Main and Olive
Howard, Samuel, plasterer , wswest side Twelfth nnorth of Carr
Howard, Matthew, carpenter , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Biddle
Howard, James, carpenter , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Spruce
Howard, Lewis, eseast side Second nnorth of Lombard, upstairs
Howard, Jackson, laborer , — Front ssouth of Elm
HoweCheney, M.D., 77 Washington-avenue
Howell, Marmaduke, stone cutter , wswest side Columbus nnorth of Barry
Howell, John, bricklayer , wswest side Columbus ssouth of Barry.
Howland, Benjamin P, swsouth west corner Fifth and Washington-av.avenue
Howland, John, bricklayer , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Gratiot
Hoy, Alexander, grate and fender maker , 91 nnorth second
Hoy, John, trader , nsnorth side Green wwest of Tenth
Hoyle, George, sesouth east corner Fourth and Elm
Hoyle, Lawrence, 96 Pine
Hoyt, Cyrus G, clerk , corner Fourth and Market
Hoyst, S C, produce dealer , wswest side Broadway nnorth of Morgan
dwelling, wswest side Eleventh nnorth of Wash
Hubbard & Block , merchants , 18 ssouth Front
Hubbard, William, (H. & B.) boards at Peers’
Hubbard, George, carpenter , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Green
Hubbard, Julius C, tinner , eseast side Sixth ssouth of Biddle
Hudnell, Thomas, mechant , 7 Market
Hudson, Thomas B, attorney at law , 50 Pine
Hudson, Henry, mason , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Ninth
Hudson, Eliphaz, bricklayer , boards at Foster’s
Huebner, F G, teacher , eseast side Eleventh nnorth of Carr
Huey, John S, bricklayer , wswest side Collins nnorth of Cherry
Huey, John, laborer , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Convent
Huff, S D, carpenter , wswest side Eleventh nnorth of Green
Huff, William, grocer , 6 Green
Hughs, John R, shoe manufacturer , 130 and 172 nnorth First
Hughs, Robert T, pilot , sssouth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Fourteenth
Hughs, Covington, pilot , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue eeast of Fourteenth
Hughs, Matthew, laborer , sssouth side Carr wwest of Fifth
Hughs, Francis J, carpenter , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Gratiot
Hughs, H J, carpenter , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Carr
Hughs, John, plasterer , sssouth side Market wwest of Tenth
Hugo, Daniel, wswest side Carondelet ssouth of Marion
Hugh, Anselm, carpenter , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Wash
Hulbert, A, Planters’-house
Hull, Joseph S, merchant , 20 ssouth First — dwelling, eseast side Second
nnorth of Cherry
Hull, Abram C, tin and copper-smith and sheet-iron worker ,
nenorth east corcorner Fifth and St. Charles — dw,dwelling wswest side Seventh ssouth of Morgan
Hull & Cozins , tin and copper-smiths , wswest side Broadway nnorth of