Green's St. Louis directory :
96 Saint Louis Directory. KEI-KEN
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Keith, Quincey A, (Ray & co.) sssouth side Pine wwest of Eighth
Keith & Lockwood , carpenters , rear of 53 nnorth Second
Keith, Timothy, (K. & L.) rear of 53 nnorth Second
Keith, William, carpenter , eseast side Eight nnorth of Clar-avenue
Keleher, John, laborer , sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Keller, John Adam, shoemkaer , eseast side Second ssouth of cedar
Keller, Geo, Cathedral-Organist , and clerk at Catholic-bookstore ,
nsnorth side Walnut between Second and Third
Keller, Joseph, distiler , swsouth west corner Barry and Carondelet-av.avenue
Keller, Thomas, sssouth side Morgan wwest of Seventh
Keller, Jacob, wswest side Seventh nnorth of Biddle
Kellogg, S N, (Collins & K.) boards at City-hotel
Kellogg, Ebenezer, bricklayer , 93 Washington-avenue
Kellogg, Saml, oranmental-plasterer , sssouth side Brooklyn of Broadway
Kelly Eugene & co. , dry-goods merchants , 52 Market
Kelly, Eugene, (E K. & co.) sssouth side Walnut eeast of Second
Kelly, Jno, shoemaker , 15 Pine-dw, ne cor Eighth and Walnut
Kelly, Peter, grocer , sssouth side Market wwest of Tenth
Kelly, E, tailor , 140 Green
Kelly, John, nenorth east corner Green and Eleventh
Kelly, John, laborer , eseast side Broadway nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Kelly, Margaret, widow, eseast side Broadway nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Kelly, Thomas, wagon-maker , 206 nnorth Second
Kelly, John, eseast side Seventh ssouth of Spruce
Kelly, Daniel, laborer , eseast side Third nnorth of Couvent
Kelsh, Nicholas, plasterer , nsnorth side Cedar wwest of second
Kelton, W H, cabinet-maker , 32 Olive
Kelwit, John H, shoemaker , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Biddle
Kemp, Ezralaborer , eseast side Carondelet-avenue nnorth of Convent
Kemper, Roswell, shoemaker , wswest side Twelfth nnorth of Carr
Kempff, Conrad, laborer , nsnorth side Wash wwest of Eleventh
Kemph, Paul, drayman , wswest side First ssouth of Mullanphy
Kendall, John V, cooper , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Cerre
Kendler, John, coffee-house , nwnorthwest corner Ninth and Market
Kennaday, Charles, on Fourteenth ssouth of Market
Kennaday, George, deputy clerk country-recorder’s-office , boards
at Maryland-house nwnorthwest and corner Chesnut and Sixth
Kennaday, Peter, blacksmith , nwnorth west corcorner Seventh and Morgan, upsupstairs .
Kennaday, WmWilliam, stone-cutter , nwnorth west corcorner Seventh and Morgan, upsupstairs .
Kennaday, Philip, laborer , swsouth west corner Eleventh and Wash
Kennaday, James, lumber merchant , wswest side Fifth nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Kennaday, David, tailor , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Broadway
Kennaday, Reuben, laborer , sssouth side Walnut wwest of Fifth
Kennaday, John, nsnorth side Myrtle eeast of Second
Kennaday, Henry, carpenter , nwnorthwest corner First and cedar
Kennaday, Julia Ann, [c.colored person ] widow, nsnorth side Cerre wwest of Eighth
Kennaday, Walter, nsnorth side Poplar eeast of First