Green's St. Louis directory :
Saint Louis Directory. 97 KEN-KIM
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Kennaday, R S, carpenter , wswest side Carondelet-av.avenue ssouth of Duchouquette
Kennerly, Augustin, nsnorth side Morgan wwest Sixth
Kennett, Ferdinand, commission merchant , 20 nnorth Front—dw,
nw corner Fourth and Walnut
Kennett, Luther M, president Bank of Missouri—dwelling , wswest side
Sixth ssouth of Saint Charles
Kenney, Willaim, jeweller , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Franklin-avenue
Kenney, William, tailor , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of broadway
Kenney, John, pattern-maker , boards at Foundry-house
Kenrick, Rt. Rev. P R, D.D., Cathedral nsnorth side Walnut wwest of Second
Kensley, John, carpenter , nsnorth side Rutger wwest of Fifth
Kent, Henry, tailor , eseast side Tenth nnorth of Green
Keuogh, Daniel, bookseller , sssouth side Locust wwest of Fourth
Kepner, Christian, laborer , nsnorth side Barry eeast of Jackson
Kercheval, R M V, commission merchant , 8 Locust
Kern, John, blacksmith , wswest side Second ssouth of Spruce
Kerns, Joshua, laborer , nsnorth side Carr wwest of Twelfth
Kerr, G A, clerk , 150 and 152 nnorth Third
Kerr, Mathew, wswest side Fifth nnorth of Morgan
Kerr, Augustus, swsouth west corner Fifth and Locust
Kerr, Robert, carpenter , wswest side First ssouth of Mound
Kershaw, M, engraver , 28 nnorth Second
Keshner, Henry, cabinet-maker , nsnorth side Franklin-av.avenue wwest of Eighth
Ketchum, Solomon P, nsnorth side Green wwest of Sixth
Keuler, Frederick, cooper , nsnorth side Spruce wwest of First
Keyes, Robert, pilot , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent, on alley
Keyser, Rufus, bricklayer , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Twelfth
Kiggin, Patrick, contractor , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue eeast of Fourteenth
Kiggin, James, quarrier , eseast side Thirteenth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Kilby, G W, tobacconist , eseast side Third ssouth of Spruce
Kileher, Patrick, draynan , eseast side First nnorth of Mound
Kilgon, Thomas, drayman , wswest side Third ssouth of Poplar
Kilian, Peter, shoemaker , sssouth side Cedar wwest of Second
Killer, J A, shoemaker eseast side Second ssouth of Cedar
Kilpatrick, Robert, drayman , boards at George Kilpatrick’s
Kilpatrick, George, drayman , eseast side Eleventh ssouth of Carr
Kilwit, John H, shoemaker , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Biddle
Kimm, Theodore, (successor of Kimm, Tewes & Harves) wh
dry-goods merchant , 25 Market
(Late Kimm, Tewes & Harves).,
Wholesale Dealer In Dry Goods ,
No. 25 Market Street,
St.Louis, Mo.