Green's St. Louis directory :
102 Saint Louis Directory. KRO-LAF
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Kroestler, Francis, laborer , sssouth side Spruce wwest of Twelfth
Kroft, Matthias, musician , eseast side Second ssouth of Poplar
Kroft, Michael, mason , nsnorth side Myrtle eeast of First, upstairs
Krug, Henry, laborer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Carr, upstairs
Krug, Lewis, coffee-house , swsouth west corner Second and Almond
Krug, Andrew, clerk , eseast side Second ssouth of Cedar
Krug, Fidelle, Rhenish-tavern , eseast side Second nnorth of Green
Kruger, Nicholas, laborer , wswest side Third nnorth of Convent
Krum, Hon. J M, office at Court-house — dwelling, 194 Olive
Kruse, Frederick, tailor , 56 Green
Kruse, Henry, carpenter , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Wash
Kruse, Ernst, cabinet-maker , wswest side Third nnorth of Convent, on alley
Kruth, John C, ragman , wswest side Carondelet-avenue ssouth of Marion
Kuhlman, William, wagon-maker , wswest side Second ssouth of Spruce
Kunsemuller, C & FKunsemuller, , merchants , swsouth west corner Fourth and Morgan
Kurlbaum, Hiram, eseast side Seventh ssouth of Gratiot
Kurth, Fredk, grocer , sw cor Thirteenth and Franklin-avenue
Kunz, Michael, brewer , sssouth side Carr eeast of Eighth
Kyle, Robert, tobacconist , dwelling eseast side Fifth nnorth of Morgan
Kyle, William, carpenter , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Eighth
Labadie, Sylvester, nsnorth side Olive wwest of Fifth
Labadie, Peter, [c.colored person ] butcher , 79 nnorth Second, upstairs
Labadie, Julia, 76 nnorth Third
Labadie, Antoine, [c.colored person ] butcher , sssouth side Elm wwest of Second, upstairs
Labadie, Joseph, butcher , wswest side Third ssouth of Almond
LaBargeJoseph, jr, eseast side Second nnorth of Plum
LaBarge, Joseph, wswest side First nnorth of Cedar
LaBeau, John B, gunsmith , nenorth east corner First and Poplar
Labeaume, Chaurete, law student at Gamble & Bates’
Labeaume, L A, sssouth side Olive wwest of Second
Labeaume, Louis T
Labausche, Francis, nsnorth side Cedar wwest of First
Lacaille, Julian, clerk at Vaullaine, jr.’s
Lackey, Hugh, collector , eseast side Eleventh nnorth of Carr
Lackey, A M, (Peixotto & co.) wswest side Sixth ssouth of Spruce
Lackland, James R, deputy clerk of the Court of Common Pleas
boards at the corner of First and Locust
Lackland, B E, attorney at law , 52 nnorth Second
Lackland, R J, clerk , nsnorth side Locust wwest of Second
Lackley, William, carpenter , eseast side Sixth nnorth of Cerre, on alley
Lacock, Archibald, laborer , wswest side Tenth ssouth of Biddle
Ladd, J S, printer , 47 nnorth First
Ladew, A P, type founder and printer’s warehouse , 49 Locust
— dweeling eseast side Fifth nnorth of Morgan
Ladies’ Classical Seminary , M HPatton, , 107 Locust
Lafferty, James, steamboat captain , sesouth east corner Third and Elm