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New Music Store

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Umbrella, Parasol & Cane
(Sign of the Golden Violin ,
No. 40 North Second, between Pine and Chesnut sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

The subscriber would respectfully inform his friends and the public, that
he has received, and will continue to receive, a complete assortment of
every kind of Musical Instruments And Musical Merchan-
dise, among which will be found — Orphyclide’s Bass Horns; Concert
Horns; Cornet A’Pistones; Value Post Horns; Bass ad Tenor Drums;
Clarionets and Flutes, from 5 to 10 keys; Violins and Bass Viols, of all
prices; Guitars, of all kinds; Cymbals, Tamborines, and Banjos; E Flat
and C Key Bugles; Stage and Hunting Horns; Bass, Tenor and Alto
Trombones; Flageolets and Fifes; Trumpets, of various kinds; Accord-
ions, with and without semi-tones; Violin and Bass Viol Bows; English,
French and German Clarionet Reeds; Music Boxes, all prices.

A complete assortment of Violin, Bass Viol, Double Bass Viol, and Guitar
Strings, of the best quality; Mouth Pieces, for all instruments; Tuning
Forks; Patent Heads, for Bass Viols and Guitars; Bridges, for Violins,
Bass Viols and Double Basses; Tail-Pieces; Finger Boards and Pins, for
Violins and Guitars. Also, Refined Rosin, Bugle Crooks and Set Pieces,
and various other articles.

Instruction Books, And Music ,
For All Instruments, In Great Varieties .
Also, Backgammon Men and Boards, Dominoes, Dice and Chessmen.

Umbrellas and Parasols Covered and Repaired.

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Musical Instruments, of all kinds, repaired: Violin and Bass
Viol Bows Re-haired: Canes Mounted and Varnished.

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The subscriber manufactures, and keeps constantly on hand, a complete
assortment of Umbrellas, Parasols, and Walking Canes, of every price
and finish. — Being a practical Turner of Ivory, will keep on hand, or make to
order, Billiard, Bagatelle and Rondo Balls; also, Cues and Maces.

N.B. The above establishment is not connected with any other music store in
this city. — Cash Paid For Old Whalebone Umbrella Frames.

JamesPhillips, , Agent.