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Advertisement Directory. 197
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Nathaniel Philips
Has constantly on hand, and for sale, at his
Music And Military Store ,
No. 42 Market Street,
Saint Louis,
A complete Catalogue of Vocal and Instrumental Music;
Also. A Large And Elegant Assortment Of
Chickering’s And Gilbert & ’s


[missing figure]
Musical Instruments, & c.

Melodians, Accordings, Harps, Violins, Bass Viols, Bass Horns, French
Horns, Bass, Tenor and Alto Trombones, Bass and Tenor Drums, Orphy-
clides, Tambourines, Kent Bugles, Clarionettes, Flutes, Fifes, Bassoons,
Serpents, Flagcolettes, Clarionette and Bassoon Reeds, Violin Bridges and
Pegs, Pitch Pipes, Tuning Forks, Music Paper, Hair for Bows, Patent
Screws for bass viols, Rosin for bows, Clarionette Mouth-Pieces, & c.

Plano Fortes Tuned, And Musical Instruments, Of
Every Description, Repaires.

Violin, Bass Viol, and Guitar Strings,
Choirs, and Military Band

[missing figure]

Military Goods.

The subscriber would respectfully inform the officers of the United State

[missing figure]

Army, Volunteer Companies, and Military Bands, that he keeps constantly
on hand a large and complete assortment of Military Goods.