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Professor & Mrs. Bonfils’
English & French Collegiate Institute
For Young Ladies ,
No. 11 South Fourth Street,
No. 11 South Fourth Street,
Saint Lous, Mo.

The Plan on which this Institute is established in St. Louis, is similar to
that which has been so highly approved in Washington City and Boston,
and which secured to Professor and Mrs. Bonils the patronage of distin-
guished individuals and foreign legations. It is select and limited, and
designed for young ladies intended to be privately, carefully, and liberally

The following features will give an idea of the general character of the

1. A system of Education which holds the moral training paramount to
the intellectual.

2. A course of Instruction, regular, graduated, and analogous to that of
colleges; modified, however, and adapted to the particular duties of the sex.

3. A union of the French, Italian, and Spanish Languages, in their vari-
ous branches of literature and classics, with a finished English education.

4. A mode of Teaching, analytical, simple, and relative to the age and
character of the different individuals.

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Smith’s Botanic Garden ,
Park Avenue,
(Morton’s Addition), Saint Louis, Mo.

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Greenhouse Plants Of Every Variety; Fruit And
Ornamental Trees, & c.

Bouquets furnished at the shortest notice.

JamesSmith, .