Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 121 LOR-LUT
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Loring, Francis, M. D. , nsnorthside Olive, btbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Louderman, James C, clothier , 104 and 161 nnorth Main
Louge, Peter, 47 St. Charles
Loughery, Brian, laborer , 196 nnorth Sixth
Loughridge, Catharine, opposite 295 nnorth Tenth
Loumeier, Henry, carpenter , 8 ssouth Tenth
Love, Joshua, ss Hickory, eeast of Seventh
Lovell, Gabriel, carpenter , eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Lovett, Jasper, riverman , ss Wood, eeast of Carondelet- avavenue
Low, John, clerk , nsnorthside Dock, eeast of Broadway
Low, William, salesman , 24 nnorth Sixth
Lowe, Hosea, laborer , wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Lower, Amos, bricklayer , rear 273 nnorth Eleventh
Lowry, Samuel, “City Hall,” nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway & Green
Lowther, Mary, widow, nsnorthside Randolph, wwest of Thirteenth
Lubke, William, drayman , rear 289 nnorth Eleventh
Luby, John, merch , Convent alley, near South Market
Lucas, Adams, cletk at 106 nnorth Tenth
Lucas, Cæsar, laborer , 325 ssouth Fifth
Lucas, Henry, plasterer , eseast side Second, nnorth of Florida
Lucas, James H., 129 Chesnut, dw 159 Market
Lucas, Susan, widow, eseast side Centre, ssouth of Market
Luciana, Charles, (G. & Co.Company )17 nnorth Fourth
Lucking, John B., book binder , 176 Myrtle, up stairs
Ludlow, Henry, slater , 212 nnorth Eighth
Ludlow, Noah M., (L. & S.) St. Louis Theatre
Ludlow & Smith , managers St. Louis Theatre, corcorner 3d & Olive
Ludman, Frederick, shoemaker , eseast side Centre, ssouth of Market
Ludwig, John, tailor , 35 ssouth Second
Luft, Andrew, carter , rear 317 ssouth Fifth, up stairs
Luhman, Charles, book binder , 33 Cerré
Lumpkin, Henry, “Madison House,” 75 Cherry
Lunebrenck, William, salesman , 53 Gay
Lunefort, James, hatter , boards at Schween’s
Luney, Peter J., white lead manf’r , Labadie, wwest of Fifth
Lunn, William W., mate , 238 Washington-avenue
Lupton, Wellington, engineer , rear 241 nnorth Second
Lurding, Henry, laborer , rear 273 nnorth Seventh
Lurtz, Joseph, baker , 153 Carondelet-avenue
Lurtz, Peter, baker , 278 Franklin-avenue
Lusk, Julien H., s b captain , opposite 233 nnorth Ninth
Lushington, Ezra, shoemaker , eseast side Sixth, near O’Fallon
Luthy, Franklin, carpenter , boards at 260 Market
Luthy, James, carpenter , eseast side Centre, ssouth of Market
Luttercourd, William, laborer , 185 Carr
Lutke, Conrad, laborer , 22 Convent
Lutz, Adam, shoemaker , nsnorthside Rutger, wwest of Fifth