Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 129 MAN-MAR
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Manifold, Eunice, widow, nsnorthside Warren, wwest of Broadway
Mankin, Henry, 60 Elm
Mann, Asher, trader , nsnorthside Madison, eeast of Broadway
Mann, George B., furnishing store , 68 Market
Mann, John, shoemaker , 9 ssouth Fifth
Mann, Thophilus, tobacconist , 220 Franklin-avenue
Manning, Hon.Honorable W., 19 nnorth Fifth, ups
Manning, Benjamin, salesman , nsnorthside Warren, wwest of Broadway
Manny, Edward A., (Johnson & M.) 27 Chesnut
Manny, Jeremiah D., dep city weigher , 67 nnorth Water, ups
Manny, John T., book keeper at 101 nnorth Main
Mansfield, Jude C., watchman , rear 96 Olive
Mantager, John, riverman , 280 nnorth Fifth, ups
Mantz, Herman, laborer , wswest side Main, nnorth of Bates
Manuel, William C., brick layer , boards at 46 ssouth Tenth
Mara, Eugene, nsnorthside Randolph , w of Thirteenth
Mara, Thomas, plasterer , nsnorthside Randolph, wwest of Thirteenth
Mara, William, plasterer , wswest side Thirteenth, ssouth of Market
Marcy, George, laborer , nenortheast corcorner Second and Howard
Mard, Peter, butcher , ss Christy-avenue, wwest of Nineteenth
Mareschal, Henry, trader , 11 Myrtle
Marks, Antonio, fireman , 315 ssouth Third
Marks, Dennis, “Eagle Mill,” dwelling 13 Collins
Marks, John, laborer , rear of 95 Myrtle
Marley, Luke, rear of 33 Plum
Marlin, Thomas, engineer , nsnorthside Clark-avenue, wwest of Sixteenth
Marquit, Henry, plasterer , eseast side Ninth, ssouth of Hempstead
Marquot, Frederick, cooper , works at Fix’s
Marsden, James, gardener , 61 Walnut
Marsh, Adam, laborer , 194 nnorth Sixth, ups
Marsh, Alfred, potter , 228 Market
Marsh, Charles, riverman , 300 nnorth Seventh
Marsh, Darius, riverman , 20 Gay
Marsh, William, pot packer , 231 Market
Marshall, Alexander, M. D. , 98 Green
Marshall, Alexander, drayman , 216 Biddle
Marshall, Barnabas, laborer , eseast side Seventh, near O’Fallon
Marshall, Solomon, riverman , ss Wash, w of Eleventh
Marthens, Henry C., M. D. , 64 Pine
Martin, Andrew, [c]blacksmith , eseast side Main, nnorth of Mullanphy
Martin, Edwin N., 163 nnorth Seventh
Martin, Bernard, laborer , 274 nnorth Main
Martin, Charles, cooper , ss Hickory, wwest of Fifth
Martin, Charles G., 118 nnorth Main
Martin, Elijah, M. D. and druggist , 82 nnorth Fourth, dw 97 ssouth Fifth
Martin, Erastus, (Jeffry & M.) boards at 116 nnorth Main
Martin, Henry S., clerk at 2 nnorth Main