Green's St. Louis directory :
146 St. Louis Directory. O'NE-PAR
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O’Neill, John, (Lepere & O’N.) 118 nnorth Sixth
O’Rourke, Michael E., grocer , 8 ssouth Water, under Centre Mrk’t
Packard, Mrs.———, widow, nwnorthwest corcorner Eighth and Walnut
Packard, George S., clerk at 26 nnorth Main
Pacquet, Francis, ship carpenter , ss Biddle, wwest of Fourteenth
Paguad, James H., nenortheast corcorner Fifth and Franklin-avenue
Pagaud, James M., nenortheast corcorner Fifth and Franklin-avenue
Pagaud, John, nenortheast corcorner Fifth and Franklin-avenue
Pagaud, Joseph S., nenortheast corcorner Fifth and Franklin-avenue
Pagaud J. S. & Co.Company , grocers, sesoutheast corcorner Fifth and Franklin-avenue
Paget, John, blacksmith , 116 nnorth 3d, dw ns Wash’n-av, w of 15th
Page, Antoinette, widow, 292 nnorth Sixth
Page, Daniel D., (P. & B.) 45 ssouth Main
Page, Francis W., 43 ssouth Main
Page, James H., eseast side Collins, nnorth of Ashley
Page, Thomas, (T. Page & Co.Company ) 136 Walnut
Page, Mrs.— —, 124 nnorth Fourth
Page Thomas & Co.Company , merchants, 10 ssouth Main
Page & Bacon , “Showano Mills,” office 43 ssouth Main
Pahlen, Anthony, laborer , wswest side Sixth, nnorth of Spruce
Pahlmann, Ernst, laborer , 16 Convent, ups
Pallen, Moses M., M. D. , 26 St. Charles
Pallies, Joseph, cooper , 140 ssouth Main
Pallies, Joseph, sesoutheast corcorner Lewis and O’Fallon
Palm, William, merch , 26 Market, dw 147 ssouth Third
Palmer, Charles L., book keeper , 235 nnorth Fifth
Palmer, James, bricklayer , 151 Franklin-avenue
Palmer, John J., 108 nnorth Main, ups
Palmer, Peter, grocer , 276 Market
Palmer, William W., organ builder , 187 nnorth Twelfth
Papin, Darligny, 185 s Second
Papin, Joseph, confectioner , 48 ssouth Second
Papin, Joseph L., (Sullivan & Co.Company ) ss Pine, wwest of Twelfth
Papin, Joseph L., “City Centre Mill,” rear 33 Washington- avavenue
Papin, Peter D., 34 Pine
Papin, Sylvester V., clerk in Recorder’s Court
Park, Andrew, (M., P. & Co.Company ) boards at City Hotel
Parks, James, sawyer , nenortheast corcorner Ninth and Chambers
Parks, Robert M., carpenter , 75 ssouth Fourth
Parker, Aaron, [c]178 nnorth Fourth
Parker, Alfred, (P. & Co.Company ) 85 nnorth Main
Parker, A. R., clk surv genl’s office , 87 Chesnut, ups
Parker, Charles, saddler , 77 Morgan
Parker, Edward N., (P. & Co.Company ) 85 Morgan
Parker, Henry, brick maker , 167 Walnut
Parker, Henry, [c]178 nnorth Fourth