Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 151 PLA-POP
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Plaster, Joseph, engineer , nsnorthside Lebeaume, wwest of Ninth
Plesser, Philip, wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Barry
Pleuger, Henry, shoemaker , 86 nnorth Third
Plitt, Philip, eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of Carr
Ploger, Casper, laborer , wswest side Jackson, ssouth of Millier
Plumer, John, quarrier , ss Marion, eeast of Jaekson
Plummer, Wallace, riverman , 214 nnorth Ninth, ups
Pococke, William H., painter , 7 nnorth Fourth
Podex, Julius, eseast side Columbus, ssouth of Barry
Podister, Adolphus, laborer , eseast side Jackson, nnorth of Wood
Podmore, Richard L., clerk , 134 nnorth Sixth
Poe, Harding, carpenter , nsnorthside Mullanphy, eeast of Main
Poetter, John W., music teacher , 39 ssouth Second, ups
Poff, John, cooper , rear 275 ssouth Third
Pohl, William, cooper , 54 ssouth Third
Pohlman, Herman H., cooper , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Miller
Poindexter, Marcellus, (Dyer & Co.Company ) 165 ssouth Main
Poirier, Edward E., painter , rear 96 ssouth Fourth
Poirier, Francis B., (R. & P.) 24 ssouth Main
Politte, Louis, musicians , ss Morgan wwest of Seventeenth
Politte, Stephen, musicians , ss Morgan wwest of Seventeenth
Polk, Trusten, attorney , 16 Olive, ups, dw 166 nnorth Sixth
Polkinghorne, William, plumber , 31 nnorth Second, dw 193 Morgan
Polkowski, Edward S., merchant , 242 Broadway, dw es 7th, ssouth
of Labadie
Pollak, Simon, M. D. , 79 nnorth Third
Pollard, Zenas, riverman , eseast side Columbus, nnorth of Carroll
Pollhaus, Philip, carpenter , rear 142 nnorth Fifth
Pollitz, Ferdinand, tobacconist , 79 Market
Pollock, L. G., 110 Carondelet-avenue
Pols, Henry, blacksmith , 273 nnorth Tenth
Pomarede, Leon, (P. & C.) 74 nnorth Second
Pomarede & Courtenay , painters, 74 nnorth Second
Pomeroy, Alexander, riverman , nsnorthside Chesnut, wwest of Fourteenth
Pomeroy, Augustus D.
Pomeroy, Chester W., (J. P. E. & Co.Company ) oppopposite 30 Collins
Pomeroy, George, (P. & D.) 146 nnorth Main
Pomeroy, John, clerk at 146 nnorth Main
Pomeroy, Theodore, clerk at 18 nnorth Water
Pomeroy, ——, 20 St. Charles
Pomeroy & Durkee , wh dry goods merchants, 146 nnorth Main
Ponath, Frederick W., shoemaker , 270 nnorth Eighth
Pond, Charles H., architect , &c., rear 79 Franklin- avavenue , dw ne
corcorner Tenth and Wash
Pool, James S., gold beater , 39 nnorth Second
Pope, Abraham F., clerk at Wiggins & Co.’s
Pope, A. B., M.D. , dwelling 259 Broadway