Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 159 RIP-ROB
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Ripley, Joseph D., 109 nnorth Sixth
Rippe, Frederick C., drayman , 198 nnorth Fifth, ups
Rippey, Matthew, lumber merchmerchants , nwnorthwest corcorner Seventh and Market,
dwelling 67 Almond
Risk, Henderson, printer , 187 ssouth Second
Risk, T. F., attorney , opposite 82 Chesnut
Risley, William, packer and dealer in salted provisions, 263 ssouth
Second, dw 105 ssouth Main
Risley, David R., boards at William Risleys
Risque, Ferdinand W., attorney , 43 nnorth Third, ups
Ritter, Jacob, butcher , Franklin- avavenue , wwest of city limits
Ritter, William, butcher , 125 nnorth Seventh
Rivereau, John, wine & liquor dealer , 185 ssouth Second
Rivereau, J., M. D. , 12 nnorth Second
Roach, John, drayman , wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Rutger
Roach, Morris, carpenter , 3 nnorth Tenth
Roach, Patrick, laborer , 7 Myrtle
Roach, William, grocer , dw 75 nnorth Fourth
Robb, John S., printer , 22 Olive
Robb, William, hatter , 88 nnorth Main
Robensisz, Christian, laborer , 222 Franklin- avavenue
Roberts, George D., machinist , wswest side Fourteenth, nnorth of Clark- avavenue
Roberts, Henry, carpenter , 306 Wash
Roberts, James W., lead pipe and sheet lead manf’r , 40 ssouth Water
Roberts, John, (R. & H.) 146 Chesnut
Roberts, William H., carpenter , 258 Franklin-avenue
Roberts & Hays , carriage manf’rs, 146 Chesnut
Robertson, Alexander, hatter , 174 nnorth Main
Robertson, John W., bricklayer , brds at Walton House
Robertson, Lewis, riverman , 194 nnorth Sixth, ups
Robertson, Stewart, laborer , eseast side Eighth, nnorth of Biddle, ups
Robertson, Thomas B., pickle & preserve manf’r , 150 Pine
Robertson, Walter, drayman , ss Hickory, wwest of Fifth
Robideaux, Joseph, 81 ssouth Main
Robirds, Newman, s b captain , 205 Morgan
Robirds, Oby, engineer , 231 Franklin- avavenue
Robins, Nathaniel, spice & mustard manf’r , corcorner 16th and
Robins, Samuel, bricklayer , ns Carr, wwest of Fourteenth
Robins, Solomon H., butcher , west end of Washington- avavenue
Robinson, Anthony S., gen ledger book keeper at Bank of Mo.,
dw 272 ssouth Second
Robinson, George R., clerk at 86 nnorth Water
Robinson, George R., bar keeper at 182 nnorth Fourth
Robinson, Gordon, 100 Biddle
Robinson, John, stone cutter , 5 nnorth Tenth
Robinson, Joseph, (R. & A.) 78 nnorth Third