Green's St. Louis directory :
172 St. Louis Directory. SIM-SLO
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Simpson, John H., clerk at 120 nnorth Main, ups
Simpson, John O., 50 ssouth Third
Simpson, Martin, 261 Broadway
Simpson, Middleton, teamster , 141 nnorth Ninth
Simpson, Robert, City Comptroller , 50 ssouth Third
Simpson, Robert, carpenter , eseast side Ninth, ssouth of Cerre
Simpson, William, wswest side Ninth, ssouth of Gratiot, ups
Simpson, William, carpenter , eseast side Ninth, ssouth of Cerré
Simpson, William, clerk at 93 nnorth Main
Simpson, ——, carpenter , wswest side Sixteenth, ssouth of Market
Sinaker, Rudolph, laborer , oppopposite 28 Plum
Singenberger, George, wood huxter , 208 Biddle
Singer, George, laborer , rear 328 ssouth Fifth
Singer, John, wood merchmerchants , rear 139 ssouth Main
Singer, Peter, carpenter , 36 ssouth Tenth, ups
Singleton, Henry, architect , &c., 86 nnorth Eighth
Singleton, William W., nsnorthside Franklin- avavenue , wwest of Fourteenth
Sippel, Henry, carpenter , 301 nnorth Twelfth
Sire, Joseph A., (P. C. Jr. & Co.Company ) 31 Olive
Skeen, Eliza, widow, 273 nnorth Eleventh
Skellin, Michael, eseast side Seventh, nnorth of Park- avavenue
Skelton, James M., mate , ss Mound, wwest of Eighth
Skidmore, John W., livery stable , 131 nnorth Third, dw 46 St. Charles
Skillman, William, book seller, &c. , 55 nnorth Fourth
Skinner, Philip, 46 Olive, ups
Skolloy, Martin, nailor , 195 nnorth Second
Slack, John, State tobacco inspector , 146 nnorth Sixth
Slafter, John F., newsman , 101 Chesnut
Slattery, James, teamster , wswest side Stoddard, nnorth of Chouteau
Slattery, Jeremiah, batcher , 237 Market
Slatery, John C, butcher , 258 Market
Slaughter, Albert G., carp , wswest side 13th, ssouth of Market
Slaughter, Elizabeth, widow, wswest side 13th, nnorth of Christy
Sleineker, Joseph, saddler , 40 St. Charles
Sleper, Henry, (S. & S.) eseast side Carondelet, ssouth of Sidney
Slevin, Bernard, (P. & B. S.) boards at Virginia Hotel
Slevin, Charles, (T. & C. S.) 92½ Myrtle
Slevin, Patrick, (P. & B. S.) boards at City Hotel
Slevin, Thomas, (T. & C. S.) 38 ssouth Main
Slevin P. & B. , wh dry goods merchsmerchants , 159 nnorth Main
Slevin T. & C. , wh dry goods merchsmerchants , 38 ssouth Main
Sloan, Thomas, engineer , 56 Collins
Slocum, Samuel W., wh gro & com merch , 21 nnorth Water, dw 148
nnorth Fourth
Sloper & Rimmer , French millinery, 62 Market, ups
Sloss, William L., attorney , swsouthwest corcorner Morgan & Broadway, dw
162 Franklin- avavenue