Green's St. Louis directory :
188 St. Louis Directory. TYL-VAN
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Tyler, George, clerk , boards at Jefferson House
Uhde, John, laborer , 235 nnorth Seventh
Uhlich, Frederick, druggist , 185 Franklin-avenue
Uhrig, Joseph, laborer , 28 ssouth Main, up stairs
Uhrmeister, Philip, tailor , 238 ssouth Second
Uitterling, William, carpenter , 257 nnorth Eleventh
Ulrici, Charles, nwnorthwest corcorner Fiftn and Gratiot
Ulrici, Richard W., nwnorthwest corcorner Fiftn and Gratiot
Ulrici, Robert, clerk at 23½ nnorth Water
Ulyard, Augustus, baker , 153 Washington- avavenue and 128 nnorth 6th
Underhill, George A., 22 nnorth Fifth
Underwood, Robert G., (Green & U.) 101 nnorth Fifth
Unerstald, John H., carpenter , rear 263 nnorth Ninth
Ustick, Thomas W., book and job printer , 57 nnorth Main, ups, dw
115 nnorth Eighth
Ustick, William W., printer , 57 nnorth Main, ups, dw 187 Morgan
Vahlsing, Conrad, laborer , rear 274 nnorth Eighth
Vail, Charles, druggist , ss Olive, wwest of Sixth
Vail, Isaac, M. D. , 101 Pine
Valle, Amedeé, swsouthwest corcorner Eighth and Gratiot
Valle, Nereé, (Chouteau & V.) 58 nnorth Water
Valleau, Charles M., stoves, castings, &c., dealer , 163 nnorth Main,
dw 195 Washington-avenue,
Vallerius, John, tailor , 336 ssouth Fifth, ups
Valois, E., widow, 25 Elm, ups
Van Bergen, Nancy, widow, 32 Myrtle
Van Buren, Christian, laborer , eseast side Main, nnorth of Florida
Vance, Irwin, printer , 38 Poplar
Vance, John P., clerk at 8 ssouth Main
Vance, John W., (V. & L.) 54 ssouth Main
Vance, Robert, carpenter , 223 nnorth Fifth
Vance & Loop , merchants, 54 ssouth Main
Van Court, Rev.Reverend Alexander, 232 nnorth Fifth
Van Court, Alexander, (A. & B. J. V.) swsouthwest corcorner Main & Morgan
Van Court, Benjamin J., (A. & B. J. V.) swsouthwest corcorner Main & Morgan
Van Court A. & B. J. , “Missouri Hotel,” swsouthwest corcorner Main and
Vander, Burgh Richard J., clerk at 150 nnorth Main
Vandervoort, Peter, engineer , ns Carr, eeast of Fifteenth
Vandeventer, Peter L., (West & V.) 230 nnorth Sixth
Vandeventer, William, (J. & W. V.) 230 nnorth Sixth
Vandeventer J. & W. , clothiers, 162 nnorth Main
Vandewater, Lewis, lottery broker , dw sw cor 6th & Franklin- avavenue
Van Dine, James A., brass founder , 103 nnorth Ninth
Van Dine, Richard, (Nafis C. & Co.Company ) 206 nnorth Main