Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 197 WHI-WIE
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White, Jane, widow, 36 nnorth Second
White, John P., butcher , ss Randolph, wwest of Twelfth
White, Joseph H., (J. H. W. & Co.Company ) 63 Locust
White, Nicholas, slater , 19 nnorth Tenth
White, Patrick, laborer , nsnorthside Morgan, wwest of city limits
White, Robert, clerk at 45 nnorth Main, dw 184 nnorth Ninth
White, Samuel, moulder , 276 nnorth Second
White, Sophia, widow, eseast side St. Ange, nnorth of City Hospital
White, Thomas J., (T. J. & W. S. W.) M. D., 120 nnorth Third
White, William, salesman , at 92 nnorth Water
White, William, butcher , nsnorthside Austin, eeast of Fourteenth
White, William, pilot , 34 Gay
White, William H., clerk , 140 Myrtle
White, William N., merchant , 142 nnorth Third
White, William S., (T. J. & W. S. W.) M. D., 120 nnorth Third
White, William W., attorney , 40 Pine
White & Brown , carpenters, opposite 125 nnorth Seventh
White J. H. & Co.Company , lumber merchants, 123 nnorth Third, corcorner Vine
White T. J. & W. S. , M. D.’S, 120 nnorth third
Whitehead, William H., clerk at 47 nnorth Main
Whitehill, John, architect and builder , 156 nnorth Fourth
Whitehill, William B., carpenter , 314 Morgan
Whiteman, Henry, shoemaker , 267 nnorth Eleventh
Whiteside, Josiah, carpenter , 364 Morgan
Whiting, Abijah, commission merchmerchants , nsnorthside Chesnut, wwest of Seventh
Whiting, Lucy, widow, 36 nnorth Sixth
Whiting, William F., clerk , boards at A. Whiting’s
Whiting, William T., clerk at 10 nnorth Main
Whittaker, Alfred, brick layer , rear of 64 ssouth Seventh
Whittaker, Patrick A., book keeper , 93 nnorth Main
Whittaker, William A., (Lacy & W.) 41 nnorth Water
Whittemore, Albert O., (H. & A. O. W.) nsnorthside Olive, wwest of 10th
Whittemore, Horace, (H. & A. O. W.) ss Locust, wwest of Eighth
Whittemore H. & A. O. , hat and cap merch’smerchants , and fur dealers,
143 nnorth Main
Whitmore, Benjamin F., paper hanger, &c. , 263 nnorth Eleventh
Whitmore, Henry, (Buckland & Co.Company ) eseast side Fourteenth, ssouth of Mar-
Whyte, Richard, clerk , rear 17 nnorth Third
Wible, William, (Holdship & W.) 29 Washington-avenue
Wickersham, Ambrose, boarding house , 66 and 70 nnorth 4th, ups
Wideman, Charles, butcher , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Carroll
Widen, Joseph, (B. & W.) 223 Broadway
Wider, John, black smith , wswest side Broadway, nnorth of Mullanphy
Widgery, John, clerk in Surv Genl’s office, 87 Chesnut, ups
Wiebe, August, M. D. , 154 nnorth Eighth
Wieberts, Garrett J., clerk , 43 nnorth Main, dw 38 Myrtle