Green's St. Louis directory :
204 St. Louis Directory.
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Errata and Additions.
Albrecht, Peter, gardener , West Carondelet- avavenue , nnorth of Arsenal.
Allen, Thomas, attorney , 92 Chesnut, dw farm, wswest side Carondelet-
avenue, next ssouth of Soulard’s Addition.
Allen, William, attorney , office Mercantile Library, corcorner Third
and Pine.
Bicherer, Pintalionxyn, gardener , Gravois’ road, wwest of city limits.
Cheney, Luther, trader , 102 Green.
Christy, William T., (Woods, C. & Co.Company ) opposite 86 nnorth Fifth.
Cœnzler, John J., tobacconist , 92 Morgan.
Conklin, Luther G., plane maker , 153 nnorth Fifth.
Connelly, Peter, 62 nnorth Fourth, up stairs.
Cordes, Diedrich, grocer , 59 nnorth Fifth.
Crabb, Alexander, printer , rear 71 nnorth Fifth.
Crocker, Mendal, grocer , swsouthwest corcorner Fourth and Locust.
Curtis, Harvey R., engineer , 92 Washington-avenue.
Field, Rev.Reverend Henry M., boards at Dr. Knox’s, 161 Franklin- av.avenue
Jacoby Charles and Frederick , St. Louis House, 33 Market.
Ricker Joseph & Co.Company , merchants, 12 ssouth Main.
Richter, Carle G., shoemaker , 67 ssouth Main, dw 147 ssouth Main.
Ricketson, Asa, secSt. LouisIns. Co. , boards at 124 nnorth Fourth.
Book, Job and Newspaper Offices.
St. Louis Book and Job Office, Cathcart & Prescott, nwnorthwest corner
Main and Olive, up stairs.
T. W.Ustick, , Book and Job Printer , 57 nnorth Main, up stairs.
Republican Book, Job, and News, Chambers & Knapp , 16 Chesnut.
Union Book, Job, and News, Pickering & Co.Company , 35 Locust.
Reveille Book, Job, and News, Keemle & Field , 22 Olive.
New Era Book, Job, and News, C. G.Ramsey, , corcorner Main and and Chesnut.
Evening Gazette Book, Job, and News, C. A.Lord, . corner Main and Olive, up stairs.
St. Louis American, J. D.Learned, , 57 nnorth Main
People’s Organ, Cady & King , 9 Chesnut, up stairs.
Anzieger des Westens, Weber & Olshausen , 4 nnorth Main, ups.
German Tribune, N. R.Cormany, , 28 ssouth Main, up stairs.
Weekly Papers.
Catholic News-Letter, Wm.William, J. Mullin, 16 nnorth Third, up stairs.
Herald of Religious Liberty, Keith & Woods , 112 Market.
St. Louis Price Current, Wm.William, H. Gray, 57 nnorth Main, up stairs.

☞ Note.-The above named daily papers also publish tri-weekly and weekly papers.