Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis directory. 43 CAR-CAY
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Carroll, William, blacksmith , 67 Spruce
Carroll, William, bookseller , 146 nnorth Ninth
Carroll, William H., carpenter , 183 nnorth Sixth
Carroll, William L., 88 Elm
Carroll & Gibson , attorneys, 23½ nnorth Second, up stairs
Carson, Henry G., pilot , 329 Morgan
Carson, John B., wh provision and boat stor 67 nnorth Water, dw
111 Franklin-avenue
Carson, John, confectioner , depot at 30 ssouth Main
Carson, John W., 245 nnorth Seventh
Carson, Thomas, mason , eseast side Second, ssouth of Howard
Carson, Samuel, (C. & Risk) 187 ssouth Second
Carson & Risk , wholesale confectioners, 187 ssouth Second
Cartan, David, lumber merchmerchants , eseast side Stoddard, ssouth of Chouteau- av.avenue
Carter, Ephraim, brickmaker , ss Howard, eeast of Broadway
Carter, Harrison H., clerk at 42 nnorth Water
Carter, John, carpenter , ss Clark-avenue, wwest of Seventh
Carter, Robert, saddler , 252 ssouth Second
Carver, James, sesoutheast corcorner Second and Spring
Cary, Bridget, widow, 375 Broadway
Cary, Isaac, clerk at Young, Bros
Case, Calvin, eseast side Broadway, ssouth of Chambers
Case, William, nsnorthside Benton, wwest of Broadway
Casey, Margaret, widow, 125 Wash
Caspers, Henry G. A., coffee house , 267 ssouth Fifth
Cassaday, James, laborer , 256 Market, ups
Cassamayou, Andrew, printer , 22 Olive
Cassmeyer, George, laborer , 247 Franklin-avenue
Casselberry, Evans, attorney , 23½ nnorth Second, ups
Casselberry, William, laborer , ss Spring, eeast of Broadway
Casterline, Calvin L., swsouthwest corcorner Thirteenth and Orange
Casterline, Peter, boarding house , 48 ssouth Main
Cathcart, Robert, (C. & Prescott) 171 nnorth Ninth
Cathcart & Prescott , book and job printers, nwnorthwest corcorner Main and
Olive, upstairs
Catherwood, Robert B., merchant , swsouthwest corner Fourth and
Olive, boards at City Hotel
Cauchois, Maxim, clerk at 2 nnorth Main
Cavalle, Richard, hatter , 23 nnorth Tenth
Cavenaugh, Arthur J., clerk at 122 nnorth Main
Cavanaugh, Thomas H., steamboat captain , 121 nnorth Eighth
Cavenaugh, William, clerk at 69 nnorth Main
Cavender, John, (S., Bros. & Co.Company ) 179 ssouth Third
Caviezel, John G., pastor Germ Evang Church , 51 ssouth 2d, ups
Cayou, Antoine, laborer , 40 Lombard
Cayou, Emileé, [c]35 Cerré
Cayou, Joseph, blacksmith , 154 Green