Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis directory. 59 DIN-DON
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Dinsbier, Henry, laborer , 143 ssouth Main
Dippe, Frederick, tailor , opposite 297 nnorth Twelfth, ups
Dirker, Henry, grocer , sesoutheast corcorner Ninth and Carr
Disharoon, Thomas L., “Maryland House,” corcorner 6th and Chesnut
Distler, John, laborer , nsnorthside Soulard, wwest of Fulton
Ditmer, Franz, plasterer , 90 Morgan, ups
Ditmer, John H., grocer and baker , 239 nnorth Fourteenth
Dittman, George F., shoe store 29 Walnut
Dixon, David W., (D. & M.) wswest side Broadway, ssouth of Jefferson
Dixon, George C., (D. & B.) opposite 77 Pine
Dixon, Robert, police , eseast side Buel, ssouth of Marion
Dixon, William, mason , 114 Almond
Dixon & Bowman , attorneys, opposité 77 Pine, upstairs
Dixon & Mitchell , saw mill, eseast side Main, ssouth of Jefferson
Doan J.Parker, , (D., King & Co.Company ) 256 Morgan
Doan, King & Co.Company , wh dry goods merchants, 131 nnorth Main
Dobyns, Edward, land office receiver , office rear of 85 Chesnut,
on alley, dwelling ss Brooklin, wwest of Eleventh
Dobyns, James R., carpenter , swsouthwest corner Ninth and Mound
Dodd, Richard, mate , 56 Collins
Dodge, Amanda, widow, 157 ssouth Main
Dodge, Everett K., nsnorthside Chesnut , w of Sixth
Dœderlein, Henry, clerk , 129 Carondelet-avenue
Dœlner, Henry, painter , 21 nnorth Second, dw 38 ssouth Sixth
D́Œnch, William, (D. & P.) 36 Walnut
D́Œnch & Pelloux , wh druggists, nenortheast corcorner Second and Market
Dœrfeld, Adam, tinner , 306 ssouth Fifth
Doggett, Leslie, blacksmith , shop 210 Green
Dohrman, Teresa, widow, rear 74 Walnut
Dolan, Francis, quarrier , nenortheast corcorner Brooklin and Broadway
Dolde, Henry, baker , ss Franklin-avenue, oppopposite Prcsby Cemetery
Dolde, Sebastian, pedlar , nwnorthwest corcorner Fourteenth and Market
Doll, Conrad, “California House,” 227 and 229 Broadway
Dollman, George, ship carpenter , eseast side Broadway, ssouth of Chambers
Domershousen, Nicholas, 197 nnorth Twelfth
Domhoff, John, laborer , nsnorthside Franklin-avenue, wwest of Fifteenth
Damier, John, carpenter , 228 Carr
Donaldson, Alex. C., druggist , dw ss Brooklin, wwest of Broadway,
store eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Howard
Donaldson, Isaac P., 348 Morgan
Donaldson, James, (D. & Hall) eseast side Tenth, ssouth of Locust
Donaldson & Hall , hardware merch́smerchants & plane mḱrs, 27 nnorth Main
Dondry, Matthew, drayman , eseast side Centre, ssouth of Market
Donegan, John J., merchmerchants , 58 Market, dw 90 ssouth Third
Donelan, Patrick, messenger Bank Mo.Missouri , 141 nnorth Third
Donevon, Michael, rope maker , 267 nnorth Twelfth, up stairs
Donne, Robert, (H. & D.) 91 nnorth Fourth