Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis directory. 69 FIE-FIS
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Field, George W., blacksmith , rear 364 ssouth Fifth
Field, Isaac, clerk at 160 nnorth Main, up stairs
Field, John, clerk at 160 nnorth Main, up stairs
Field, John K., clerk at 22 nnorth Water
Field, Joseph, clerk at 22 nnorth Water
Field, Joseph M., (K. & F.) 22 Olive
Field, Richard R., (F. & B.) eseast side Collins, opposite Reservoir
Field, Roswell M., attorney , 44 Chesnut, up stairs
Field, Spencer, s b captain , 264 Franklin-avenue
Field, Stephen, grocer , 59 ssouth Third
Field, Walter P., laborer , 202 nnorth Sixth
Fife, Robert B., tobacco insp’r , nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway and Jefferson
Fife, William G., family grocer , 197 Broadway, corcorner of Morgan,
dealer in Family groceries, brandy, wines, cordials, fruits,
catsups, sauces, pickles, wooden ware, &c.; domestic dry
goods, boots and shoes, cotton yarns, nails and glass. Cour
try produce bought and sold on the most liberal terms.
Particular attention paid to orders.
Figgan, Lawrence, beer house , ss Buel; eeast of Marion
Filley, Giles F., queensware , &c., 149 nnorth Main, dw 197 Morgan
Filley, Oliver D., tin, copper, &c., manf’rmanufacturer , 145 nnorth Main, dw
88 nnorth Sixth
Finan, Thomas, grocer , 291 ssouth Fifth
Finch, William P., (H. & F.) 204 nnorth Seventh
Finck, Adolph G., laborer , 16 Convent
Finck, Valintine, tavern , 66 ssouth Second
Finckeneller, Andrew, cooper , works at Fix’s
Fine, William, teamster , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Marion
Finkler, Margareta, widow, eseast side Jackson, nnorth of Carroll
Finley, Hardin, [c]drayman , 41 Poplar
Finley, Rev.Reverend Robert, 18 nnorth Seventh
Finn, Stephen, (F. & G.) wswest side Eighth, nnorth of Pine
Finn & Gorman , wh gro’s and com merch’scommission merchants , 80 nnorth Water
Finnegan, Michael, contractor , 24 ssouth Ninth
Finnegan, Michael, coffee house , 102 nnorth Water
Finney, Bernard, nsnorthside Spruce, wwest of Thirteenth
Finney, John, (J. & W. F.) 105 Washington-avenue
Finney, William, (J. & W. F.) 105 Washington-avenue
Finney J. & W. , boat store and com merchscommission merchants , 84 nnorth Water
Fischer, Adolph, hat and cap store , 38 ssouth Second
Fischer, George, stone cutter , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Marion
Fischer, Jacob, brick layer , 293 nnorth Tenth, ups
Fischer, Matthias G., laborer , 18 Convent
Fischer, Waldeman, merchant , 205 ssouth Second
Fischer, William, laborer , nsnorthside Hempstead, wwest of Broadway
Fishgans, Joseph, porter and ale depot , nsnorthside Hickory, wwest of 7th
Fish, Moses G., (Wood & F.) 93 nnorth Third