Green's St. Louis directory :
24 St. Louis directory. AUS-BAK
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Austin, Reuben B., nsnorthside Smith, eeast of Main
Austin, Solon, carpenter , 224 Carr
Austin, William J., auctioneer , dw 192 Olive, auc room 37 Locust
Austin & Fuller , “Empire House,” 44 nnorth Third
Avis, Joseph, blacksmith , wswest side Sixteenth, ssouth of Market
Avis, Thomas, marble dresser , 89 Washington-avenue
Axt, John G., silk maker , 70 ssouth Third, up stairs
Axtel, Thomas R., county assessor , 78 St. Charles
Aymer, Robert W., bookeeper at 52 Market
Ayers, Adin W., painter and paper hanger , 184 Morgan, shop
25 nnorth Fifth
Ayres, B. W., 75 ssouth Second
Ayres, Robert, painter , ss Madison, eeast of Broadway
Ayres, Robert W., clerk at 86 nnorth Water.
Bach, Charles, laborer , 67 Almond
Bach, Lewis, “western brewery depot,” 190 nnorth Fourth
Bachman, William, carp , ss Franklin- av.avenue , wwest of Twenty-first
Bacigalupo, John, confectioner , nenortheast corner Second and Vine
Backensto, Benjamin M., wheelwright , eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Market
Backs, Conrad, tailor , 315 nnorth Twelfth
Bacon, Charles K., clerk , 41 nnorth Fourth
Bacon, Edmund, book keeper at 59 nnorth Water
Bacon, Henry D., (P. & B.) sesoutheast corcorner Morrison- av.avenue & Morton-st.
Bacon, Mary Ann, widow, 161 Washington- av.avenue
Bacon, Sherman J., (B. & Hyde) 156 nnorth Main
Bacon, Washington, carpenter , ss Biddle, wwest of Sixteenth
Bacon, William M., carpenter , 256 nnorth Eighth
Bacon & Hyde , wholesale druggists, 156 nnorth Main
Bael, Adam, shoemaker , boards at 61 ssouth Main
Bael, Leonard, laborer , rear of 169 ssouth Main
Baer, Charles, laborer , wswest side Tenth, nnorth of Warren
Baer, John C., carpenter , 207 Franklin-avenue
Bagley, Mary, widow, nsnorthside Florida, wwest of Main
Bail, Thomas, blacksmith , nsnorthside Brooklyn, wwest of Broadway
Bailey, Ann, widow, 127 Biddle
Bailey, Francis, tobacconist , 229 nnorth Eighth
Bailey, George, carriagemaker , dwelling 140 Morgan
Bailey, George S., merchant , dwelling 110 ssouth Fourth, store 3 ssouth
Water, under Centre Market
Bailey, Stephen P., carpenter , 245 nnorth Fifth
Bailey, William, (W. & B.) 96 Green
Bailey, William, planing mill , dw 242 nnorth Second, up stairs, mill
233 nnorth Main
Bakehaus, Henry, laborer , eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Howard
Baker, John, clerk at 10 nnorth Main
Baker, Julia, widow, eseast side Jackson, ssouth of Barry