Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 93 HIR-HOH
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Hirst, Philip, shoemaker , nsnorthside Hempstead, wwest of Broadway
Histed, Joseph W., painter , eseast side Ham, ssouth of Chouteau-avenue
Hite, George C., laborer , rear 163 ssouth Fourth
H’Lea, Nicholas, grocer , eseast side Main, ssouth of Florida
Hoagland, Hartley, sawyer , wswest side Second, ssouth of Howard
Hobbs, Dickson, tailor , nsnorthside Randolph, wwest of Twelfth
Hobbs, Jacob, 154 Morgan
Hobach, John, riverman , 291 nnorth Eleventh
Hober, John, drayman , 274 nnorth Eleventh
Hock, John, stone cutter , 176 ssouth Fourth
Hock, Peter, plasterer , 245 nnorth Main
Hockaday, P. B., attorney , 124 nnorth Main, ups, dw ws Broadway,
nnorth of Chambers
Hocker, Casper, laborer , 256 nnorth Twelfth
Hodgman, Joseph, carpenter , nsnorthside Benton, eeast of Broadway
Hoduit, Arnaud, merch , 71 Market
Hoebik, John, laborer , rear 312 ssouth Fifth
Hoehle, John G., shoemaker , 271 Carr
Hoelting, Andrew, butcher , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Miller
Hoelzle, Charles F., merchant , 152 ssouth Fifth
Hoenschild, William, butcher , ss Wood, eeast of Columbus
Hoer, Frederick, laborer , 143 ssouth Main
Hoeveter, Joseph, 43 ssouth Third
Hoffman, Andrew, sexton M. E. Church, 87 Washington- avavenue
Hoffman, Charles A., carpet weaver , 237 nnorth Seventh
Hoffman, Charles G. F., shoemaker , 233 nnorth Main
Hoffman, Christian B., laborer , wswest side Moore, ssouth of Market
Hoffman, Christian, (H. & C.) 65 Locust
Hoffman, Christopher, 297 nnorth Eighth
Hoffman, Edward, painter , 7 Washington-avenue, up stairs
Hoffman, Jacob, laborer , 348 ssouth Fifth, up stairs
Hoffman, John, teamster , 268 nnorth Thirteenth
Hoffman, John, (S. & H.) wswest side Twelfth, ssouth of Spruce
Hoffman, John D., blacksmith , 317 ssouth Second
Hoffman, William, laborer , eseast side Jackson, ssouth of Wood
Hoffman, William, hatter , rear 197 ssouth Second
Hoffman & Campbell , gunsmiths, 65 Locust
Hoffmeister, Christian, butcher , nsnorthside Marion, eeast of Jackson
Hoffmeister, Jacob, shoemaker , 130 ssouth Third
Hoffrich, William, baker , 328 ssouth Second
Hoffstetter, Jacob, painter , 85 Carondelet-avenue
Hofkemeyer, ——, salesman ,. 114 ssouth Third, up stairs
Hogge, Thomas, bricklayer , ss Madison, eeast of Broadway
Hogan, Edward, clerk at 148 nsnorthside Main
Hogan, John, clerk at 2 and 4 Commercial
Hogue, Nicholas, laborer , wswest side Tenth, nnorth of Biddle
Hohlweg, George, beerhouse , 113 Franklin-avenue