Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 105 KEL-KEN
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Kelley, Michael, 94 nnorth Main
Kelley, Robert, tailor , 203 nnorth Second
Kelley, William F., clerk at 162 nnorth Main
Kellogg, George, M. D. , 3 ssouth Fifth, dw Planters’ House
Kellogg, Ira, pilot , 149 Green, up stairs
Kellogg, Samuel N., (C. & K.) boards at Planters’ House
Kells, Elizabeth, widow, 18 Gay
Kelly, Daniel, laborer , 317 ssouth Third
Kelly, Elizabeth, rear 54 ssouth Tenth
Kelly, Eugene, (E. K. & Co.Company ) 94 nnorth Main
Kelly, James, merchant , 213 Broadway
Kelly, John, shoemaker , 81 nnorth Main, dw 23 ssouth Eighth
Kelly, John, laborer , 153 nnorth Fifth
Kelly, John, wswest side Main, ssouth of Cedar, ups
Kelly, William, merchant , 213 Broadway
Kelly, William W., Florida, btbetween Main and Lewis
Kelseizer, Andreas, butcher , 350 ssouth Second
Kelton, William H., bar keeper , boards at Indian Queen
Kelty, Adam, riverman , wswest side Twelfth, ssouth of Spruce
Kemfer, Frederick, laborer , rear 273 nnorth Tenth
Kemp, Paul, (K. & Klein) wswest side Main, nnorth of Florida
Kemper, Henry, laborer , boards at 63 ssouth Tenth
Kencel, Philip, blacksmith , 119 Carondelet-avenue
Kenchner, Henry, carpenter , rear 117 Franklin-avenue
Kendall, John, cooper , 80 Almond
Kendler, John, tavern , 210 Market
Kennaday, Charles, fur dealer , eseast side Fourteenth, ssouth of Market
Kennaday, Curtis, 106 ssouth Fourth
Kennaday, David, tailor , 251 nnorth Ninth
Kennaday, Edward, shoemaker , 119 ssouth Main
Kennaday, Henry, carpenter , 202 ssouth Main
Kennaday, James, drayman , nwnorthwest corcorner Main and Howard
Kennaday, James, (K. & Co.Company ) 196 nnorth Fifth
Kennaday, James T., ship carpenter , nsnorthside Benton, eeast of Broadway
Kennaday, Joel, carpenter , 212 nnorth Ninth, ups
Kennaday, John, contractor , wswest side Jackson, ssouth of Marion
Kennaday, Margaret, widow, 67 ssouth Third
Kennaday, Mary, widow, nsnorthside Christy-av, w of Eighteenth
Kennaday, Reuben, hack driver , rear 65 ssouth Second
Kenneday, Robert, carpenter , wswest side Eighth, ssouth of Chouteau- avavenue
Kennaday, Sarah Ann, furnishing store , 85 Chesnut
Kennaday, William, stone cutter , 278 Morgan
Kennaday, William, engineer , ss Mound, eeast of Broadway
Kennaday & Co.Company , lumber merchants, opposite 299 nnorth Main
Kennedy, S. S., com merchcommission merchants , 18 nnorth Water, boards at Planters’ H.
Kennerly, Augustin, 43 nnorth Third, ups
Kenrick, George W., carpenter , 165 Morgan