Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 107 KIN-KIT
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King, A., carpenter , boards at 57 ssouth Main
King, Alonzo D., cabinet maker , wswest side Main, ssouth of Florida
King, Benjamin, plane maker , eseast side 16th, nnorth of Franklin- avavenue
King, Frederick, (K. & Co.Company ) 62 nnorth Main
King, Hannah, widow, sesoutheast corcorner Second and Mullanphy
King, Henry S., (K. & F.) 182 Olive
King, George, clerk at 29 nnorth Water
King, Henry, M. D. , 95 ssouth Fifth
King, John, engineer , 49 nnorth Seventh
King, John, mate , 11 ssouth Sixth
King, Joseph, barber , 24 Morgan
King, Mary A., widow, dress maker , sesoutheast corcorner 2d & Mulberry
King, Morris, drayman , ss Wash, w of Fourteenth
King, Richard, clerk at 200 Market
King, Thomas J., painter , nsnorthside Park-av, w of Seventh
King, William H., salesman , at 29 nnorth Water
King, Wyllys, (D. K. & Co.Company ) 116 Walnut
King & Co.Company , clothiers, 62 nnorth Main
King & Fisher , wh gro & com merch, 40 nnorth Water
Kingsbury, James W., 18 ssouth Sixth
Kingsland, George, (K. & L.) 175 nnorth Fifth
Kingsland, George, stove, grate & castings dealer , 138 nnorth Main
Kingsland, Lawrence, (K. & L.) 339 Broadway
Kingsland, LeRoy, (K. & F.) boards at Virginia Hotel
Kingsland, Philip, (K. & L.) 173 nnorth Fifth
Kingsland & Ferguson , “Phœnix Foundry,” & engine manf’y,
sesoutheast corcorner Second and Cherry
Kingsland & Lightner, “Broadway Foundry,” & engine man-
ufactory, Broadway, opposite Carr
Kinkaid, Robert, drayman , 103 Carr
Kintzing, Charles S., clerk at 27 nnorth Water Kinzler Francis, rope maker, 230 Biddle
Kipfirle, John, brass founder , rear 218 nnorth Fifth
Kipper, Toompson P., laborer , 242 ssouth Second
Kippert, Anselm, riverman , 26 Convent, up stairs
Kirk, William Y., laborer , ss Chambers, eeast of Broadway
Kirkham, Samuel, pilot , boards at Wm.William Mora’s
Kirkpatrick, George, carpenter , wswest side Broadway, nnorth of Warren
Kirkpatrick, John, carpenter , ss Warren, eeast of Broadway
Kirkpatrick, Joseph S., blacksmith , wswest side 2d, nnorth of Warren
Kirkpatrick, Thomas W., (W. & T. W. K.) sesoutheast corcorner Second and Montgomery
Kirkpatrick, William, (W. & T. W. K.) sesoutheast corcorner Second and Montgomery
Kirkpatrick Wm.William & T. W. , grocers, sesoutheast corcorner 2d & Montgomery
Kiser, Christopher, laborer , 312 ssouth Fifth
Kitchen, Henry, wheelwright , 176 Franklin-avenue
Kite, William, carpenter , 125 Franklin-avenue
Kitlender, Henry, laborer , 199 nnorth Eighth