Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis directory. 27 BAS-BEA
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Bascom, Catharine J., widow, boarding house , 102 Market, ups
Bash, John, laborer , wswest side Tenth, nnorth of Carr
Bassar, Lucien, stone cutter , nsnorthside Hempstead, wwest of Broadway
Bassett, Ludlum S., (Edgar & Co.Company ) 177 nnorth Fourth
Bassett, Peleg T., mate , 186 nnorth Ninth
Bassman, John, shoemaker , 33 Spruce
Baston, Margaret, widow, 77 ssouth Third
Bate, Joseph J., boat store , dw ne cor Tenth and St. Charles
Bates, Edward, (Gamble & B.) nwnorthwest corcorner Sixteenth and Chesnut
Bates, Alfred, [c] porter , 94 Elm
Bates, George, [c] laborer , opposite 46 ssouth Tenth
Bateson, James, “Butcher’s Arms,” 161 nnorth Third
Batte, Benjamin H., clerk at 59 nnorth Water
Battelmeyer, Lewis, laborer , wswest side Thirteenth, ssouth of Market
Baum, George, confectioner , sesoutheast corcorner Second and Pine
Baum, Jacob, draper & tailor , dw 114 nnorth Fourth, store 25 Wash-
ington Avenue
Bauman, Louis, watchmaker & jeweler , 30 Market
Baumer, George, laborer , rear 43 St. Charles
Bauer, Adam, clerk , nenortheast corcorner Ninth and Wash
Bauer, John, barber , 85 Carondelet-avenue
Bauer, John, cabinet maker , 290 Broadway
Bauer, John, laborer , nsnorthside Soulard, wwest of Fulton
Bauer, Philip, locksmith , 210 Biddle
Baute, Henry, teamster , corcorner Ninth and Clark-avenue
Baxter, John, machinist , 61 Elm
Baxter, John, engineer , 18 nnorth Third
Baxter, Levi, 225 Green
Baxter, Preston, pilot , 276 nnorth Eighth
Baxter, Thomas, quarrier , nenortheast corcorner Brooklin and Broadway
Bay, Harman, hardware merchant , 179 nnorth Third
Bayliss, William, 15 ssouth Eighth
Beach Miles & Co.Company , merchants, 182 Broadway
Beachboard, Joshua W., “Mansion House,” corner Fourth and
Beadleston, Stephen, upholster , dw 67 nnorth Eighth, warehouse swsouthwest
corcorner Second and Olive
Beakem, William, shoemaker , opposite 289 nnorth Fourteenth
Beakey, James, (B & Co.Company ) 171 nnorth Main
Beakey, John, (A. & B.) 12 nnorth Sixth
Beakey, Joseph, (B. & Co.Company ) 146 nnorth Seventh
Beakey & Co.Company , tin, copper and sheet iron manf’s171 nnorth Main
Beard, Harvey, saddler , 22 ssouth Main, up stairs
Beardsell, Luke, ship carp. es Eleventh, nnorth of Jefferson
Beardslee, Charles, (Field & B.) 160 nnorth Main, ups
Beardslee, Reuben, clerk at 160 nnorth Main, ups
Beardsly, Mrs. Eunice, French art’l flower manf’r , 8 ssouth Fourth